Concerned netizen says Digong not to blame for early foul ups in SEA Games, says they need look at Dilawans, Drilon for delaying proposed budget

An concerned netizen didn’t like the finger-pointing in local media especially when delayed buses fetching foreign athletes at airports and hotel check-ins and even grumblings regarding limited food choices dominated our Facebook news feeds.

Facebook user named De Zam, perhaps not a real name, has taken to Facebook to debunk insinuations by critics and propagandists that President Duterte is to blame for all the embarrassing foul-ups and shortcomings experienced by foreign athletes even before the 2019 SEA Games officially opened.

De Zam said that if they want to play the blame game, they don’t need tp look farther because if there was or were to blame, its Peping Cojuangco and Drilon who should take the fall.

De Zam reckoned that the Duterte admin declined hosting the 2019 SEA Games because the government would rather spend the money for the Marawi rehab. However, Peping Cojuangco wrote a letter to PDuts appealing for the decision. Duterte changed his mind and the rest they say is history.

As for the foul-ups and race to the finish line construction and renovations of the venues for the events, De Zam said Drilon and his LP allies should be blamed for delaying the approval of the SEA Games budget.

Of course, the senator from Iloilo vehemently denied this and said he even arrived with a wise compromise, thus breaking the deadlock and the approval of the SEA Games budget. [Link here]

De Zam even insinuated that the LP politicians have stolen the budget for SEA Games 2019 which was awarded to the Philippines as early as 2015 to give the host country enough time to build whatever infrastructures or facilities need to host the event successfully.

De Zam believed that after the SEA Games in Clark is over, probe is in order to punish the people who stole the budget for SEA Games.

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Did you know that the 2019 SEA Games was supposed to be held in Brunei but they withdrew?

The Philippines, through Peping Cojuanco, made its bid and the budget for it was proposed by the yellows but also delayed by the yellows through the big pig Drilon.

(Drilon by the way questioned the cauldron’s 50m budget while his rarely used and mothballed Iloilo Convention Center costs 769 million pesos. Do you hear huge events happening there? Yeah, only a PornHub convention will fill that place)

The preparations since 2015 (BS Aquino Time) were marred with horrendous politicking and corruption in contracts and biddings under Peping Cojuanco’s term.

In 2017, the President wanted to withdraw in hosting the event because of too much politics in the POC and wanted the budget to be used for Marawi Rehabilitation.

A handful of yellowtards in sports politics and Peping Conuanco appealed.

The POC promised to get their acts together especially the yellow f@cktards.

The old man reconsidered and appointed then Senator Allan Peter Cayetano to head the SEA Games to curb corruption earlier discovered in 2015 and 2016.

Peping Cojuanco and his allies were later removed on May 27, 2019. It was called the “last straw” removal citing “loss of trust and confidence”.

Now you blame the old man for small hiccups with “ulam”, bottled water and bus service?

Why not check the pockets of yellowtard politicians who got their beaks wet in 2015 and 2016 for this event?

The government is cleaning and painstakingly patching the planted thievery hole of the yellows that no f@ckin’ marvel or dc hero can undo only to push this event designed to be the milking cow of the f@ckin’ LP.

Too bad their fingers got caught in the cookie jar early on.

We know you f@ckin’ LP assholes and cunts are just trying to create a huge smoke screen on this because your heads will be on the block after the event. You think doing the first strike will absolve your deeds in 2015-2016? Think again, the old man has the goods on you and will get you before you even say “hello”.

You yellow idiots reading this think I’m making this up? Click even the sites of your f@cking official demolition crew’s site Rappler below.

Now f@ck off and we’d just want to get this done and enjoy the games.

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Source: De Zam

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