Concerned parent writes open letter admonishing St. Scholastica, Risa Hontiveros amidst viral photo of students joining anti-Martial law rally

An alarmed parent wrote an open letter addressed to St. Scholastica after photos of Scholastica students joining anti-Martial law rally circulates online.

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The open letter penned by a certain Mr.Rylan Alingarog has been published in the Facebook page Vice Mayor Pulong Duterte – Official today at 6:57 PM.

In the letter, Alingarog used the strongest words in condemning the school management for tainting the minds of the students with their brand of politics.

Alingarog expressed fear that the students could be subjected to bashing on social media as a consequence for joining such rallies.

The concerned parent also told Risa Hontiveros via the Scholastica’s management to stage rallies alone and stop using their children.

The concerned parent challenged the school management to a debate while telling them to refrain from inviting unknown resource persons to speak and poison the minds of their children.

The concerned parent told Scholastica instead to ask the sentiments of the parents regarding Martial law and President Duterte.

Read the post below.

July 18,2017
Sr.Mary Frances Dizon OSB

St. Scholastica College
2560 Leon Guinto St.



Ano nanaman yang katarantaduhan ninyo ? Bakit mga bata ang ginagamit ninyo sa pag rarally? Bakit hindi kayong lahat ng teacher,admin staff,madre ang magpunta sa mendiola at mag rally.

Bakit mga anak namin ang ginagamit ninyo. PUTANG INA NINYO WALA PANG 18 years old mga anak namin 15 and 14 anong alam nila sa politika? Tapos may media agad? Hindi ba well planned and organized?
Hindi ba ninyo naisip na baka ma bash sa social media ang mga bata o yung political interest lang ninyo ang inisip ninyo?

Pakisabi kay Sen.Hontiveros na siya ang mag rally mag isa,wag na niya isama mga anak namin.

Tayo ngayon ang mag debate,hindi yung mag iimbita kayo ng sino sinong mga resource person
para magsalita sa stage at bilugin ang ulo ng mga anak namin.

Bakit hindi ninyo imbitahin lahat ng mga magulang ng estudyante ninyo ngayon,sulatan ninyo lahat
para malaman ninyo kung ano ang sentyimento naming mga matatanda.

Extra Judicial Killing – Do you have any proof that PRRD instigated the killings of “so called victims” ?
If yes then go ahead and file a case against the administration.

If none then let’s go back to the moral law, hindi ba masama ang magbintang sa kapwa?

Did you know what are implications with this kind of exposure to our children? If not then I suggest you organize another rally with all your relatives for you to know. I also suggest that you march all the way from St.Scholastica to Malacanang palace to RELEASE your sentiments and POLITICAL POSITION about the current administration for all I care. PERO WAG NINYO ISAMA MGA ANAK NAMIN PUTANG INA NINYO!!!!!!!!!
Bakit hindi ninyo kami ininform na MAG RARALLY PALA MGA ANAK NAMIN AT PAGKATAPOS PALA NAMIN MANGGALING SA TRABAHO AY MAPAPANOOD NA NAMIN SA TV. Sino ba namang magulang ang hindi matutuwa.

Oh siempre wala akong maririnig na reply sa inyo at holy holy nanaman kayo. Or magrereply nanaman kayo with the nicest and holiest words available in the dictionary.
Kung alam ko lang na ganyan kayo hindi namin inenroll mga anak namin sa inyo.

I am an educated individual, I also graduated from a catholic school, but my school protected us from politics, they only taught us the values of life,they only gave us the tools, the knowledge, that in the future we will know how to decide on things.

Do not taint the minds of our child with politics. Your act was not spontaneous, it was planned and organized. You only circulated a letter to allow our child with a certain “YOUTH SONA 2017” thinking that it is just an ordinary school activity. You maliciously misinformed us. PUTANG INA KUNG ANG NILAGAY NINYO EH MAG RARALLY ANG MGA BATA MAY MEDIA HO AT MA-0TV MGA ANAK NINYO EH PUTANG INA PIPIRMA BA MGA MAGULANG DOON?

I will not ask for a public apology I know it will not come. But I challenge you to do the rally by yourselves at 100% attendance from your admin to all the teachers and staff.

Mr.Rylan Alingarog


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