Congressman Belmonte calls the lewd act of a sexy dancer on top his partymate ‘tasteless!’

Dancer gyrating on top of a Liberal Party member.

Dancer gyrating on top of a Liberal Party member.

A controversial video starring a sexy dancer gyrating on top of the Liberal party member is doing the rounds in the social media and Pnoy’s men are at the receiving end of the netizens bashing.

Wow! I thought that our politicians can never be this low. I mean they can do this in a closed venue, but not this?

In this day and age, netizens have access to mobile phones with built-in cameras and public figures are easy targets for netizens.

The video was taken during the oath taking of newly minted Liberal party members in Sta. Cruz, Laguna coinciding the 58th birthday celebration of Congressman Benjie Agarao of the 4th District of Laguna.

The event was held at the sprawling grounds of the good Congressman’s residence in Barangay Patimbao in Sta. Cruz Laguna.

The sexy dancers were actually the ‘surprised’ gift of MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino and understandably he paid for the services of the dance group.

The dance group named ‘Playgirls’ performed a dance number to the tune of the popular song ‘Twerk It like Miley’ wearing skimpy outfits.

After the dance number, according to the Inquirer report, there was also a short parlor game with sexual overtones.

At one point, one of the girls requested a 50ish male participant to lie down. The girl then went on top of the male participant while the sexy dancer gyrated on top.

This would have been totally fine if events like this were held in a closed venue and not in front of young children and college girls.

In fairness to MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino, he told the girls to wear skirts, but unfortunately his words of instruction were ignored.

It was learned that Mar Roxas was present during the event, but he was having lunch when the 30-minute show happened.

Congressman Benjie Agarao told the reporters recently that MMDA Chairman Tolentino did not hire the girls. He said some people might be trying to destroy Chairman’s Tolentino name since he is vying for a senatorial seat come 2016.

Congressman Agarao also denied any knowledge that there were sexy girls performing sexy dance numbers.

But an Inquirer reporter disputed the Congressman’s claim because he was seen at the beginning of the sexy dance number before leaving the venue to send off Mar Roxas and his parties who left the birthday party after lunch.

You may watch the short video now.

WARNING: The video contains scenes that may offend. Sexy dancers in post-LP event Tolentino’s ‘surprise gift’?READ: |

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