Congressman Golez says Tanim Bala can easily be resolved in 2 steps

Tanim Bala Roilo Golez

Tanim Bala Roilo Golez

The Tanim Bala scam at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport is making a lot of overseas Filipino workers very nervous especially those who are due for vacation leave as stipulated in their employment contracts.

Foreigners married to Filipinas are also postponing their regular vacation to the country out of fear of the ‘Tanim Bala’ incidents. This is normal because who in the right mind would risk going to prison for something you did not commit like like carrying a bullet?

Reading the comments on topics about ‘Tanim Bala’ should give the Aquino government an idea how this incident is affecting the morale of the general public.

People are mad because the government seems to be indifferent to an issue that affects many Filipinos. Remember that one of ten Filipinos have a family member or a relative working overseas or have acquired a permanent resident status in other countries but regularly goes home to visit the motherland.

Unfortunately, the government seems to be busy with other things or perhaps does not fully understand the gravity of the situation. In other words, they are simply out of touch with the pulse of the people, particularly the pulse of the overseas Filipino workers.

If they really care about the welfare of the overseas Filipino workers, all these issues cropping up that directly affects the important contributors to the Philippine economy could have been nipped in the bud as soon as this surfaced a long time ago.


Former Congressman Roilo Golez of Paranaque adds his two cents worth of advice on how Tanim Bala can easily be resolved in 2 steps.

First, when 1 or 2 bullets are found in the possession of a passenger, they are merely confiscated and the passenger is allowed to walk away without further delay to his destination. No question, no delay so they say.

Second, the security personnel are not given the power to decide on minor stuff. All the security personnel should remember is rule no. 1. He said, most airports around the world would simply confiscate prohibited items like liquids and small knives and then let the passenger go.

Indeed, President Aquino can make this Tanim Bala scam in NAIA go away with his mere signature order the NAIA manager to implement this as soon as possible without delay.

How about you? Do you have any solution in mind on how the Tanim Bala scam can be resolved quickly?


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