Cory Aquino endorsed EJK’s? RG Nieto of Thinking Pinoy thinks so based on declassified CIA document

While the Yellows condemn Duterte and extra-judicial killings, what will they say on Thinking Pinoy’s allegation Cory Aquino endorsed it when she was the President.

If you think accusing the mother of democracy Cory Aquino of such sin is sacrilegious, but wait if the allegation was based on a US document? From the CIA?

On Facebook, RJ Nieto aka Thinking Pinoy writes:


According to a 23 March 1987 Newsweek article, then Pres. Cory Aquino authorized the United States Central Intelligence Agency to launch undercover political activities in the Philippines.

Moreover, with the rise of the New People’s Army, right-wing vigilante groups were formed, organizations that “the Aquino Government seems to endorse”, as Filipinos fear that this could “lead of a revival of ‘death squads’ that terrorized the countryside under Marcos.

SOURCE: US CIA Declassified Files
LINK: — feeling curious at Malacañang Palace.

As of this writing, the post has gathered 3,711 shares, 10,714 varied reactions and 423 comments on Facebook.

Let us read a sample of the comments from Thinking Pinoy’s followers on facebook.

Vicky V. Abad welcomes Thinking Pinoy’s post. “Just thankful that as history unfolds, I was raised with good stories of Marcos and nothing good about the Aquinos (then Ninoy) and down the course of history, i never strayed from this path. Remember, how my Mom used to say that history will yet be the judge of Marcos when that Edsa thing happened (we, of course, did not participate!). And today, happy to be in the times when Aquino evils are now coming out and we are at the dawn of greatness as a nation (because of PDuterte) – a glimpse of which Marcos was trying to show us – nasingitan lang talaga tayo ng mga tae 😞.”

Ike Lagunay sees this as an opportunity to swipe at the Aquinos. “And the Aquinos want Bong-bong to apologize to the victims of martial law on behalf of his father?! The nerve!!!”

Meanwhile, Magno Sartorio cautions the public about falling for a fake news. “This is just a news clip. Who knows it was fake news. Dig deeper. Malakas ang FOI sa US. Ask for CIA report. Till then, hold up your judgment, people.”

Your thoughts?

Credits to Thinking Pinoy.

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