Cosmopolitan Philippines magazine editor slams philanthropist Loida Lewis following release of statement defending #LeniLeaks controversy

Earlier today, philanthropist Loida Nicholas Lewis released a statement in response to the brewing controversy surrounding the controversy behind #LeniLeaks.

Based on the press release statement circulating online, the Fil-Am billionaire “is not denying the existence of #LeniLeaks. She is justifying it,” says Political Analyst Dr. Antonio Contreras.

Ms. Lewis calls herself an Overseas Filipino Workers and being an OFW does not mean she has lost her right to be involved in, or speak out on developments in our home country.

She also defended her right to speak out even though she is a dual citizen, she retains her right to participate in Philippine politics.

She also brags about her charitable initiatives in the Philippines like sending poor but bright Bicolano students to college.

In the end, she reiterated her belief that as a Filipino, she has every right to speak out on developments back home.

“It is in the spirit of  caring and brotherhood that we speak out on developments in the Philippines. We will continue to do so because if we did not, we would be untrue to who we are: Filipinos, like you,” Ms. Lewis wrote.

Krizette Laureta Chu of Cosmopolitan Philippines took to Facebook to give the Fil-Am billionaire Loida Nicholas Lewis a good scolding, telling her to keep her hands off of Philippine affairs.

Ms. Chu also told Ms. Lewis that she has no right to speak in behalf of the OFW’s because the latter’s vision of the country is not congruent with the OFW’s hopes and dreams for the country.

Read Ms. Chu’s letter below addressed to Ms. Loida Lewis…

To Loida Nicolas Lewis and your ilk,

“Speaking up about the developments in the Philippines” is very, very, very different from ordering your dogs to attack Duterte supporters, call Sandro Marcos stupid, and destabilize the country by mobilizing institutions like the Church and school.

You and your co conspirators are arrogant, but your arrogance no longer fits today’s narrative, where the common man has found his voice and his place in this world.

You have no right to speak for the struggling OFWs–that waiter in the Caribbean cruise ship–because if you were not so out of touch with reality, you would realize and understand that most OFWs want the change that you so abhor. Also, most OFWs picked Bong bong Marcos, not that I’m happy about it, but that’s the truth.

Wag din ibida ang Lewis College because it’s not charity, it’s business. Maybe a small one by your standards, but it’s still business. Your latest ad in your website shows that you only offer 100 percent scholarship to Grade 10 1st honors students. You said 25 percent of your students are scholars. Im sure you can bring that figure much higher without making a dent on your fortune. Eh kung ilibre mo lahat mas mura pa rin kesa sa destabilization efforts mo. Less wealthy Filipinos have bigger foundations and have helped more, I bet.

Keep your hands off our government. A bunch of well fed, wealthy, out of touch seniors wining and dining and plotting in New York because they believe they know best is the last thing this country needs.

You love the Philippines as you say you do? Then please get out of our government’s affairs, share your money with the poor, and support the projects of this government that you believe in.

Pagawa kayo ng drug rehab center, hire reformed drug addicts and set up a livelihood program for them, give their wives livelihood, set up a scholarship fund for the children of dead policemen who were killed in the line of duty, try nyo lang po. That’s being a partner of this government, and then you deserve the right to be called a real partner for change.

Do you agree with Krizette Laureta Chu’s opinion? Please let us know your thoughts by commenting below.


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