COVID-19 No JOKE — Chinese supplier tells Brgy. Captain from Mindanao to take virus seriously, stay home & avoid mistakes of Italy

A certain Kap Junjun Vacalares from Mindanao has shared screen grabbed photos of his conversation with Chinese supplier just recently to send the message to the public that covid-19 is no joke.

On Facebook, Vacalares wrote the caption in Cebuano.

CONVO with my BOSS from CHINA karon lang Gyud… Try mo ug Basa basin naa mo ma REALIZED.. No JOKE ang COVID – 19 (CONVO with the BOSS from China just now… Try reading this perhaps you’ll realized that COVID-19 is No JOKE)

The first photo shows the Chinese supplier of Vacalares initiating the conversation by asking how was he? If he was safe amid the coronavirus scare?

Vacalares replied that he was fine and being a frontliner, he had no choice but to go out and protect his constituents.

The Chinese asked about how easy it was to get hold of surgical mask?

Vacalares replied that even buying a mask is difficult and getting hold of alcohol is no exception.

Vacalares mentioned about making DIY mask in the absence of available masks in the market. The Chinese said they are selling masks now and have subsidiary factory. The Chinese told Vacalares that if he knew anyone who needs mask, he can supply them.

The Chinese gladly broke the news that their city is going back to normal and many shops are opening, traffic is back to pre-covid days. He said only Wuhan was serious. By the tone of his voice, the conversation must have occured when covid-19 infection in Wuhan was at its peak.

Vacalares asked for tips how they survived covid-19 virus.

The Chinese replied that they just stayed home for 1 month and the whole country too. Wuhan was blocked, no one was allowed to go in or go out. He said they got their food from the grocery store with temperature test upon going in.

The Chinese said that everyone in the city should register regarding their travel history. Even visiting another village is not allowed because they also have village lockdown. He said the PH government must act fast.

Vacalares said the Chinese recommendations will be a huge help but he lamented that Filipinos aren’t taking covid-19 seriously, they are even making fun of it. The Chinese assured the Vacalares that help is on the way because the Philippines has a good relationship with China. The Chinese said that Filipinos should take this seriously and pointed out what is happening in Italy now. He said if there are 2000 people affected by covid-19 in a city, that city is in big trouble.

The Chinese asked Vacalares how many beds in a hospital can be a standard bed to isolate an infected patient? You can never tell. He said that’s the reason why many Italians died in their homes without receiving a treatment. Because there was no doctor and medical supplies. But things are getting better now after China sent help to Italy.

The Chinese advised Vacalares to stay at home for a month, only 1 person is allowed to go out, don’t meet any friends because you don’t know who they come in contact with. There are too many virus carriers going around and we don’t know who they are and that’s what happened in Italy.

The conversation ended with the Chinese reiterating his earlier reminders what to do like wearing a mask, using alcohol to disinfect their hands, avoid taking their children outside, if they need to go out, go to places with fewer people, avoid meeting people outside of the family, including their friends and stay inside their home for a month.

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Source: Kap Junjun Vacalares

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