Cringey! — This is how this political analyst describes Leni-Kiko tandem’s attempt to make themselves relatable to Filipinos in their campaign video

cringey. 😬 This is how political analyst and writer named Jan Writer described the attempt of Leni-Kiko tandem to sell themselves to the public by trying to be comedians in one of their videos.

Jan Writer remarked that the video of Leni and Kiko trying to be funny is proof that elitist people have no natural sense of humor. He said that’s because everything is sanitized and should be “politically correct”. For humor to sell, good timing and inappropriateness are a must which is what Jan Writer is trying to say that Kiko and Leni have none.

Jan Writer dispensed a constructive advice to the Leni-Kiko tandem and that is, if they don’t want to hurt other people’s feelings, they can give self-deprecating humor a try. Perhaps, they can become relatable. However, he doubted if the Leni-Kiko tandem will even consider his advice because of their fragile egos.

Jan Writer ended the FB post by taking a swipe at the brand of humor (absurdist) of the Leni-Kiko tandem which he described as ineffective because people just knew it was unnatural and contrived. Hence it backfired. He said the Leni-Kiko tandem is hard to market.

BTW, regarding the Kiko-Funnyli-nian text in the graphics, Kiko remarked that if he did not make it to politics, he would have been an actor together with Sharon and his screen name was Kiko Funnyli-nian.

You may now read Jan Writer’s original FB post.

wala talagang natural na sense of humor mga elitista, ‘no? lahat kase sanitized at dapat “politically correct”. for humor to be effective, good timing and inappropriateness are required.

kung ayaw makasakit ng feelings ng iba, eh ‘di try self-deprecating jokes. magiging relatable pa sila. kaso mukhang fragile din ego nila.

‘yung absurdist humor din nila (e.g., hadoukengate) hindi rin effective kase people can intuit na hindi natural at manufactured. hahaha. nag-backfire tuloy. hirap i-benta ng mga ito. sana maganda bayad sa PR team nila.


Source: Jan Writer

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