Critic tells VP Robredo to resign Cabinet post if she keeps contradicting Duterte’s policies

The debate rages on whether Robredo should continue serving under the Duterte admin while acting as a voice of the opposition is making the rounds online.

In light of this, one commenter sees nothing wrong with VP Robredo voicing out her stance on certain issues like expressing her sentiment on the spike of deaths among drug suspects.

Alexia Fuentes wrote:

I don’t see how Leni is acting like an Opposition for suggesting a probe on the growing cases of drug-related extrajudicial killings, especially if the Duterte administration itself is confident that it has nothing to do with it; following Duterte’s previous statements on his commitment to due process and all.

In fact, it strengthen’s the administration’s position on how it isn’t responsible for the killings and vigilantism. I reckon PNP chief Bato also voiced opposition to vigilantism, himself.

One one hand, a staunch Robredo critic in the person of Dr. Antonio Contreras of La Salle Political Science department thinks otherwise and quote:

This woman should make up her mind if she wants a place in the Cabinet or remain as an opposition politician who happens to occupy the post of VP for now. She could not be both.

As a member of the Cabinet, she is the President’s alter-ego. She should just focus on her work as Chair of HUDCC. She should restrain herself from making commentaries that are contradictory to the position of the President, or may appear to undermine him, although she can express those in Cabinet meetings.

When Binay was a Cabinet Member, he did not speak against the Government.

It is plain political maturity. If she wants to fiscalize, which she had an opportunity to do when she was offered to head the LP, she should resign from the Cabinet.

P.S. The same is true for other Cabinet Secretaries who may have fundamental disagreements with the President on any issue now or in the future.

Source: Antonio Contreras

Where do you stand on the issue?

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