Critics hit Senator Bam Aquino’s ‘Zero Food Waste Act’. Here’s why!

Earlier, Senator Bam Aquino filed the bill aiming to prevent food from going to waste in the Philippines.

As reported in the article by Rappler, Senate Bill No. 357, or the Zero Food Waste Act, seeks to “ultimately end the cycle of having food end up in the trash instead of stomachs.”

The senator’s bill if enacted into law requires food establishments to donate excess food to charities involved in the distribution of meals such as food banks.

Sa taas ng presyo ng bilihin at presyo ng pagkain ngayon, hindi makatarungan na maraming nasasayang na pagkain.

Meanwhile, the bill has been drawing mixed reactions from netizens. Some are all praises while some have found a reason to criticize him.

Here’s a sample of the criticism directed against the bill of Senator Aquino but IMO, in a good way.

A short, open-letter to Senator Bam Aquino:

Dear Senator Bam,

Instead of collecting leftover food from hotels, restaurants and other types of food establishments, how about:

1. Passing a law that will allow food establishments to reduce the tax they pay the government if they will pledge to donate either food or money to feeding programs run by legitimate charitable organizations.

2. If there are actually unused (not used) left overs (huwag yung tira na may kumain na, yung hindi pa nagalaw at all), to donate the food to the local baranggay who will then administer it to their constituents in some form of feeding program.

But please don’t make it look like you’re passing a law that reinforces the PAG PAG image that your uncle left behind. I don’t think you have the same aspiration as your Uncle Noy but most people don’t see the law you’re trying to enact as different.

Please rethink this law you’re passing. There are better ways to make this idea of yours happen. Think through it more carefully.


Raffy Gutierrez

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