Critics think blaming Duterte for Panganiban Reef fiasco will embarrass the president…until this historian speaks up on Facebook

Have you seen the satellite photo showing Chinese planes making a landing in Panganiban Reef in the Spratly?

Critics have been heckling Duterte relentlessly on social media, calling him “traitor” and making “jetski” comments after the Inquirer photo goes viral on Facebook and Twitter.

The “jetski” comment is an attempt to humiliate Duterte for reneging on his election rhetoric that he will jetski to the Spratly’s to defend our territories from claimant countries, especially China.

While Duterte’s critics want to blame Duterte, historian and La Salle professor Van Ybiernas refuses to blame Duterte for the embarrassing episode in the Spratly, rather pin the blame on former Presidents Ramos and Aquino instead.

Ybiernas begins the Facebook post by stating that what in Panganiban Reef is an expected outcome wherein the strong devours the weak.

He theorizes that the US intentionally looked the other way around while China was dredging and building the artificial island because of US agenda, which is to make the artificial island a leverage against China in the future.

You know making China appear the bigger bully against smaller and less powerful Asian neighbors and use that to isolate China in Asia?

Check out Ybiernas full post below.

This is what happens to a weak country like ours.

We lost Panganiban Reef in 1995 when Fidel Ramos was president. What did the U.S. do to help us when that happened?

Sure, one might point out that because our Senate in 1991 rejected the US Military Bases Agreement, the U.S. had no obligation to help us out against China.

These facilities look huge. It must have taken years to build. The New York Times talked about dredgers pumping in sediment in Panganiban Reef (Mischief Reef) in 2015.

In 2015!
In 2015!
In 2015!
In 2015!
In 2015!
In 2015!
In 2015!
In 2015!

What did the U.S. do to help us, their ally, prevent this from happening?

Who supplied the aerial photos to the Inquirer? Not the AFP that’s for sure!

Could it be the Americans? Probably!
Why did they do it? I guess they’re trying to fan the flames of anti-China sentiment in the country.
Why? Am not too sure. Because even when anti-China sentiment in the country was strong, the US did NOTHING to prevent China from building this monstrosity in Panganiban Reef.

I think what they want us to do is go back to the days of Noynoy Aquino and run after China to embarrass it.

How does that help the Philippines? It doesn’t.
But it helps the United States diplomatically against China to see that their neighbors in Asia are all against it.

Again, how does this help the Philippines? It doesn’t.
But it sure helps the Americans.

So you see the Americans gave this photo to the Inquirer for it to do what the Americans don’t want to do. The Americans want to attack China without getting their hands dirty.

Again like a broken record, how does this help the Philippines? It doesn’t.
But it sure helps the Americans.


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Source: PDI, Van Ybiernas

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