Customer who inquires about #moneycake goes viral!

A customer who inquired about a money cake from an online seller has been the talk of the town so to speak after the Facebook page “Philippines Best” shared it on the 2nd of April 2021.

Speaking of money cake, this is one of the unique surprises that a loved one can give to a birthday celebrant, someone who just graduated from college or even as wedding gift, if you wish to impress the couple.

A money cake, as the name implies, is a cake with money bills hidden inside. How much? Well, it all depends how generous you are. The exciting part is when the recipient removes the “Happy Birthday” greeting décor and voila, the train of paper bills emerges one after the other. There are different styles how you want to reveal the money bills. The price also varies I guess depending on the level of difficulty that you want the money cake seller to pull out the stunt. Lol.

This money cake trend has been around since 2018 and started in our neighboring Asian countries and knowing how Filipinos love to try anything that trends, whether online or offline, it did not take long before Filipinos pick up the trend.

Since the trend is new to Filipinos, there are certain part of the money cake trend that one of our kababayan did not understand.

The FB post of Philippines Best that has gone viral perfectly demonstrates this.

The story goes like this: A netizen pm’ed the money cake seller, checking about the price of the money cake posted on their page and in addition, she asked if the cake that when is pulled, money will emerge.

The money cake seller replied with an affirmative answer and at the same time provided the potential client the prices of the product.

800 piso para sa maliit at 1,500 piso naman para sa malaki.”

The potential customer’s follow up question apparently caught the money cake seller by surprised:

Does the package comes with the P10,000 bills?

“Ay di po. Kayo po ang maglalagay niyon. Depende kung magkano po ang gusto ninyong ilagay,” the money cake seller replied.

The customer’s reply did not prepare the money cake seller and the netizens who stumbled upon the FB post of Philippines Best.

“Ay grabe naman kayo. Sobra naman kayo. Akala ko kasama na yung 10k. Totoo ba? Bakit yung sa iba kasama na yung pera?”

The shocked money cake seller told the customer to buy somewhere.

The reply of the money cake seller did not please the customer and made a threat to post their conversation on social media to embarrass the former.

The screenshot photos of the conversation between the money cake seller and the customer has elicited mixed reactions and comments. As of this writing, the post has gathered 12,800+ shares, almost 8,000 reactions and 1,600+ comments.

Here are some of the comments below from netizens.

“Common sense naman. Saan ka nakakita na mas mahal pa yung ilalagay na pera kaysa sa presyo ng money cake na iyan? Maliban kung play money ang ilalagay baka puwede pa,” one netizen commented.

Another netizen added: “Mahal pa yung hinihingi na pera na kasama daw sa cake kaysa sa mismong cake, naka-high yata yung nag-inquire eh.”

“800-1500 lang yung price ng cake tapos gusto mo sagot niya pa yung 10k na laman, ginawa mong negosyo yung pagpapagawa ng money cake ah hahaha. Joke time ‘to,” a third netizen said in jest.

And the last but not the least, this netizen asked in a sarcastic tone: “Bat di nya nalang diretsang hiningi yong 10k sa tao? Papagurin nya pa sa pag gawa ng cake😆😁


Source: Philippines Best

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