Dabawenya admonish Roxas for saying ‘peaceful Davao City, a myth’

I am sure you already know by now what Mar Roxas said yesterday that a ‘peaceful Davao City is a myth’ since this is all over Facebook. In fact, he said, Davao City ranks 4th as the city with the highest crime index.

This Mar Roxas statement trended on Facebook, a few minutes after he issued the statement. This is a clear attempt to weaken Duterte’s tight grip over the voters who sees Mayor Rodrigo Duterte as a crime-buster and the punisher of criminals in his city and the answer to the worsening criminality in the country.

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is largely attributed to keeping the peace and order situation in Davao City within manageable level by employing an unorthodox means of dealing with criminal syndicates.

A netizen, enraged by the apparent attempt of Mar Roxas’ camp to put her beloved Mayor of Davao City in a bad light wrote a long comment on Facebook to belie the ‘peaceful Davao City is a myth’ statement made by the LP candidate.

Th netizen compared her traumatic experiences as a one-time Metro Manila resident while studying high school in Manila to her peaceful existence in Davao City for the last 28 years.

Mar Roxas

Mar Roxas

You may read Jiji Jocson Balusa’s testimony below now.

I have lived in Metro Manila for 4 years in high school. At 14, I was swindled at an ATM in SM North Edsa and after a year, a younger schoolmate was killed outside the campus when he was robbed. After college, I went back to Metro Manila to review for the board exam somewhere in Recto, I witnessed a woman’s phone snatched by young rouges. I NEVER felt safe in Metro Manila.

For more than 28 years of living in Davao City, I have ALWAYS felt safe. I have chosen to raise my family here because I want my kids to be SAFE. Being a victim of a crime, or even just a witness of a crime is traumatic. From my experience, Davao City is the safest place for my family. For me it is the TRUTH and not a myth.

Please lang po huwag ninyong idamay ang Davao City sa pang eechos nyo!

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