Daughter of former Pinoy fisherman in Scarborough Shoal shares heartwarming encounter with Chinese fisherfolks

Previously, the Philippine Daily Inquirer featured the story of Chinese Coast Guard sharing food with Pinoy fishermen in Panatag Shoal.

The heartwarming story melted the hearts of netizen who found the alternative angle to the conflict refreshing.

The PDI wrote that the gesture of the Chinese Coast guard is unthinkable many months ago!

According to Wilson Almadin, 41, crew member of a fishing boat that recently returned from their fishing trip to the disputed shoal, the Chinese Coast guards approached the boats of our fellow fishermen but only to share their food, liquor and cigarettes.

In return, the Filipino fishermen shared some of their fish catch to the Chinese Coast guard.

As of this writing, the article has gone viral on Facebook, generating more than 75,000 shares and counting.

But  wait! There is more!

In the comment section of the thread about the PDI article, a netizen shared a personal story about her fisherman father.

She shared the nice experience of her father with their Chinese counterparts while fishing in the Spratlys…

Noemi Francisco says : we live in subic. mangingisda ang tatay ko na nagtustos sa pag aaral namin magkapatid.back then late 90’s to early 2000,umuuwi sya na may mga dala hindi lang isda kundi may kasamang mga noodles,asukal, kape at ibang chinese food at tools na galing sa mga kaibigan nilang chinese na mangingisda rin na nakikilala nila sa laot.lately lang naman nagkaron ng sigalot sa area na yan.

She clarified though that this generous experience does not occur every day….

Clarification lang po hindi to araw araw ngyayari nuon. there were times pero hindi regular.importante lang is maganda naman ang encounter ng tatay namin sa chinese fisherman..may isa pa kaming di malilimutan na nangyari sa kanya sa karagatan with these people but thats another story.

The comment of Noemi Francisco generated more than 1,000 like from netizens.

A netizen identified as Jomille Labini shared her own encounter with the Chinese...I had been to China many times. I dont like my chinese teachers bec they belittled pinoys. Pero the rest, my coathletes were nothing but generous and helpful. Di ko alam if its because im the only girl then in that school pero even female coaches i met were kind.

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Source: PDI, Noemi Francisco

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