Davao chef delivers free pack lunch to hospital staffs as a show of support for their hard work, urges fellow business owners to follow example

As they say, tragedy brings out the best and the worst in people.

Well, in the case of a Davao City restaurant owner and chef Darence Patrick Co, the covid-19 virus tragedy brings out the best in him.

In a Facebook post, Chef Co urged fellow Davao Business owners to show their support to the health workers who have been working hard in the frontline in the fight versus covid-19.

“We’re all going through a lot these past few days but our city needs us. Our health workers have been working so hard to protect us from this dreaded virus and we need to show them that we support them,” Co wrote.

As the saying goes, practice what you preach. On that note, Chef Co announced they have prepared food packs for distribution to the frontliners of one of the biggest hospitals in Davao City as a gesture of appreciation for their sacrifices. Chef Co also promised to prepare more. “Let’s remind them that they need to take care of themselves too. Today, we’ve prepared 120 food packs for the frontliners of SPMC. This is a small act for now, but together we can do more!”

Chef Co urged Davao residents in particular and other business owners in general to be creative in finding ways to help the healthcare professionals in the frontlines. He also talked about unity and overcoming this trial.

“Let’s think of ways to help our city. Let’s unite and do what we can to help each other out. We will get through this.”

Antos rajud ta, sunod lang jud ta sa gobyerno. Mahuman ra ni. 🇵🇭👊🏼(Translation: Let us endure this, follow the government’s lead. It will end soon.)

Chef Co ended the FB post making additional announcement.

P.S. SPMC is also asking for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) like face masks, gloves and disposable medical gowns.

You may send your donations to the SPMC Main Info Desk or 

Credits to the man in the picture himself – Chef Co posing in front of the food packs for the health workers of SPMC.
Encouraging words for the hospital staffs of SPMC.

As of this writing, Chef Darence Co’s FB has generated 2596 shares, 7,677 reactions and 348 comments and counting.

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Source: Darence Patrick Co

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