Davaoeña defends Duterte from allegation of ‘Silent No More’ he built 87M-peso tree park

As part of the #DavaoLeaks campaign by Duterte critics, ‘Silent No More’ passed around a meme accusing Duterte of corruption.

Reading text embedded in the meme from ‘Silent No More’, it says Duterte ordered the demolition of Kapitan Tomas Monteverde Sports Complex in Davao City.

The sports complex allegedly was the lone sports facility in the city.

Silent No More alleged Duterte then spent 87M pesos to build a tree park.

“For a simple concrete walkways and trees that were planted in a 7-hectare lot, the Davao City government had to spend P87 million.”

Facebook user Rhodora Fuentes and a Davaoena took to Facebook to demolish the allegation of ‘Silent No More’ methodically.

Without further adieu, check the entire post below.

Dear Silent No More,
First, let me tell you that there is no place called Kapitan Tomas Monteverde Sports Complex in Davao City. You must mean the old PTA Grounds behind Kapt. Tomas Monteverde Sr. Central Elementary School. I should know because that area used to be my turf as a school nurse. With 4 schools out of the 9 under my district surrounding it, I knew it like the back of my hand.

After the old DepEd building was destroyed by fire in the mid-90s, it was pretty much left open to the public. The grandstands, ball courts gone, the swimming pool in disrepair. What was left was the tennis court, the oval and open space with patches of concrete where offices and the courts once stood. By day it was used by some schools for sports activities, dance and field demonstration practices. Some people go there to run or walk. Even Manny Pacquiao used to go there to jog. But as soon as the sun sets, it became the place for mendicants, stowaways, perverts looking for preys, an escape route for people running away from authorites. With very minimal lighting, the nooks and crannies turning to be a place for lovers’ tryst and a hideout for druggies. On some days, teachers and students would enjoy a nice walk across the field, with the cool breeze on their face. Some days it’s the scorching heat or the dusty wind. On rainy days, we have to traverse through muddy paths, sometimes getting our shoes wet. You see, the drainage system of that area was so antiquated that a little rain can mess up the the sewer of the schools around it.

Nevermind us losing our “only” sports complex. I swear nobody misses it. Schools like the University of Mindanao, Ateneo de Davao University and Agro-Industrial College, to this day, have been generous to lend their grounds and sports facilities to the city whenever it’s needed. We do have the Davao Recreation Center (formerly Almendras Gym) and the Davao Sports Complex in UP Mindanao campus is underway.

So is P87 million too much to pay for the overhaul that idle 7-hectare piece of liability into a patch of “simple concrete walkways and trees” with a visitor center, the Durian Dome, a dancing fountain, playground, a children’s reading area, a Promenade, a Rainbow Walk, massive sculptures by world-renowned artist Kublai Millan, a picnic area and a sunken garden? COA doesn’t think so.

We think not, when that place along Camus and Palma Gil Streets has become a place were people would gather and not avoid. We think not, when it has become a safe place for a community devoid of any hint of dereliction of its past. We think not, especially when it has become a place where people gather to play, to exercise, to enjoy the arts, learn our culture and to commune with nature as what a “tree park” should be. By the way, we aptly call it The People’s Park. Thanks to our then mayor who is now “The People’s President”. We wanted to name it after His Excellency, but he would have none of it, because he’s not epal. These titles I believe are not mere coincidence, it is destiny.

Lastly, which mountain are you talking about? Unlike you, we don’t have one bald, levelled or over mined mountain. Thanks to the consistent replanting an reforestation initiatives of the NGOs and CENRO and the responsible Davaoeños. We have a Green Space Ordinance, an Anti Mining Ordinance, a ban on aerial spraying, and we have that state of the art garbage disposal system that you are all jealous of. Because of all these, Davao has one of the best water in the world.

Is it worth it? Hell yeah!
Btw, what’s the latest on the P375-million worth Naga River Dike pet project of FVP Robredo?

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Credits to Rhodora Fuentes

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