Davaoeno lawyer calls Sen. Lacson “pregnant doomsday cult minister on me8” after the senator said “flexing Duterte’s legacy too early for now” blah blah

Senator Ping Lacson has been drawing flak online after issuing strong statements critical of the Duterte administration.

In case you missed it, Lacson warned of a constitutional crisis arising from the quo warranto petition filed by the Office of the SolGen asking to revoke ABS-CBN franchise.

Lacson also remarked that ‘flexing’ the legacy of the Duterte administration, which has less than 3 years left in Malacanang, is premature.

Mindanaoan lawyer Ahmed Paglinawan, who is also an avid Duterte supporter, went to work and successfully (did he?) parried Senator Ping Lacson’s jabs directed at President Duterte and his administration.

FYI, Paglinawan did not categorically state which statements he was reacting to but if you’ve been following what is going on in social media the issues above involved the senator.

Moving forward, Paglinawan started by describing Lacson as a kind of rabble rouser who relies on just the amount of knowledge as can prevent a walk-out of all his audience in the first 3 minutes of his speech.

Paglinawan said this a good thing because it means he got the audience’s attention right away.

Paglinawan argued that when you start deconstructing Lacson’s speech or statement, you can tell right away the kind of politician Lacson is – a pregnant doomsday cult minister on m*th.

Paglinawan took a jab at Lacson by dismissing the senator as someone who should not be taken seriously if you weigh in his previous statements. The only thing that Lacson was involved in something serious was when he was involved in the Kuratong Baleleng case.

And when you recall his previous claims, you’d slowly remember that the last time he really was involved in something serious was when they killed the Kuratong Baleleng dudes.

Paglinawan is not done yet. He sounded frustrated because Lacson has mastered the art of attacking guerilla style (hit and run) before one can fact-check his claims, fades into uselessness and then resurfaces with another pregnant minister’s tale, the type of issues which gives him pleasure.

By the time you actually get to fact-check his claims, he’d have faded into uselessness. Again. Only to resurface with yet another pregnant minister’s tale, which seems to give him an orgasm only he finds cute and desirable.

Paglinawan ended the post by rubbing salt at Lacson’s wounded ego, telling him his dumb antics are already known by the public and he knew it.

Fuck you, Pamfy. Your political career is a series of almosts and what-was-it-agains. You know your dumb antics are all over the place. We know it too.

Your reaction?

Source: Ahmed Paglinawan

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