Davaoeno lawyer explains why Leni Robredo’s billboard “ayuda at ligtas na trabaho sa lahat” slogan is an epic fail

Here’s what Atty. Ahmed Paglinawan aka AGP thinks of the message of Leni Robredo’s billboard from a group called Alliance of Labor Leaders for Leni.

So this is now the new neo-liberal playbook:

Demand to turn the Philippines into a welfare state. This is exactly what that billboard says.

Atty. Ahmed explained the logic behind the slogan of the group Alliance of Labor Leaders for Leni.

They think that by demanding of government something that is almost impossible to achieve, then they can show that the government is inept.

Nice try, Atty. Ahmed wrote.

However. Atty. Ahmed said that Leni Robredo’s dream of giving jobs and dole outs for all is just a dream because all the countries that are doing these are rich countries in Europe. Not even the US because they only target the poor and marginalized.

Problem there is that most welfare states existing today are very rich, mature, first-world nations found in Europe. America is not absolutely a welfare state because it targets only the poor and the marginalized. Which is to say that unless we get to the level of economic status as that of France, Germany, Norway or Holland, becoming a welfare state is just a dream.

Atty. Ahmed showed no pity for Robredo for being the butt of jokes by coming up with unrealistic promises to the public because she is too dumb to come up with sane and intelligent policy.

But in Leni Robredo’s case, it’s an intentional, self-inflicted hallucination. Because she sets the bar too high for judging the government; and because she’s too dumb to do anything else. Both in the way of propaganda; and proposing a sane, achievable and intelligent policy.

Atty. Ahmed preached why Filipinos should stop voting dumb people to office because they can’t be trusted to do complicated things.

Dumb people really can’t be trusted with politics or such other complicated things. They must be kept in the sandbox. With a friend.

If there is a any consolation for Leni Robredo’s failed attempt to make the people angry at the Duterte government by making it appear inutile, Atty. Ahmed remarked that Robredo can take a cue from her slogan on how to liquidate the OVP budget. Otherwise, the people will want to send her to jail if she leave stuffs unliquidated.

Anyhow, congrats, Leni, you now have a valid item for liquidating your expenses. Move faster and harder. Your term is ending. And we, the people, will want you in jail if you leave stuff unliquidated.

Wanna try it and see? Atty. Ahmed warned Robredo.

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Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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