Davaoeno rejects Chel Diokno’s message on Independence Day to Filipinos, “bawiin natin ang kalayaang pinaglaban nila”

A certain netizen named Charles Daggul has taken to Facebook expressing one’s opinion on the statement of 2019 defeated senate aspirant Chel Diokno that on June 12, today, we will regain the freedom Filipinos lost.

In a Facebook post, Daggul reminded Diokno that there is no freedom to regain since it has not been lost or taken away. Diokno freely posting and spreading animosity is the proof itself we are still free.

“Chel, may I remind you, wala kayong babawiing kalayaan kasi di nman yun nawawala or kinuha.The mere fact that you are still able to post and spread animosity clearly shows that the freedom you mentioned isn’t taken away from you.”

Daggul remarked that what is lost is government money stolen by his allies, which should be returned. He added there is another important thing that was lost: the trust of Filipinos to him and allies. Daggul said this is something Diokno and his allies in LP should not bother to waste their time because it will never happen.

“Ang nawawala is yung pera ng gobyerno na ninakaw ng mga kakosa mo, yun ang dapat na ibalik ninyo. May isa pang importanteng nawawala: tiwala namin sa inyo. Yan ang wag nyo na pag-aksayahan ng panahon dahil kahit kailan di nyo na maibabalik.”

Moving forward, Daggul told Diokno told Diokno the harsh reality – resistance to the ATB is futile.

Whether you like it or not, the ATB will become a law.

Daggul argued that if Diokno is really after the welfare of the Filipinos, he should join hands with the government in implementing laws that help Filipinos realize their dream of a peaceful and progressive nation. However, Daggul lamented, this is further from the minds of Diokno and his allies because they have other plans he described as evil. Daggul sounded confident that Diokno and his allies will not succeed.

“If what you really are after of is for the good of every Filipino, you should join the government in implementing laws that help further our dream of having a peaceful and progressive nation. But hell, no. You and your ilk have your own evil plans. With that, you’ll never succeed. You’ll have to convince the 90% populace that your agenda are far better than what are being laid down to us.”

Daggul ended the FB post by calling Diokno and his allies the “thorns” in the Filipinos path to their shared dream and goal.

“You and your ilk are thorns in our paths to a happy, peaceful and progressive nation.”

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Source: Charles Daggul

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