Davaoeno wants Pacquiao’s promotion to Lt. Colonel in Army Reserve Force probed & if proven to be illegal, revoked. Read why!


This is the apt title to describe the situation of Senator Manny Pacquiao right now in social media for turning his back from his friend, President Rodrigo Duterte, by claiming that corruption has allegedly doubled or even tripled under the current administration compared to the Pnoy admin.

Raymond Satnamul, an Ateneo de Davao alumnus and a Davaoeno like President Duterte began by making a promise he will stopped writing about Pacquiao because the boxer turned senator has been pummeled black and blue in social media even before his boxing match and already over exposed.

“Promise! This is going to be my last article on Pacman. Bugbog sarado na sya sa social media wala pa ang kanyang laban at over exposed na – baka manalo pa sya sa halalan! 😣

In the FB post, Raymond Satnamul began by giving netizens a brief history of Manny Pacquiao as an Army Reservist.

“In April 2006, Pacquiao was enlisted in the Reserve Force of the Philippine Army with the rank of Sergeant. He was later on promoted to the rank of Technical Sergeant on December 1, 2006. He was then elevated to the rank of Senior Master Sergeant on May 4, 2009.”

Raymond Satnamul clarified he is not questioning Manny Pacquiao’s enlistment as an Army Reservist.

“I have no question about that because he truly deserved the accolades and tribute as the World’s No.1 boxer and ‘pound-for-pound king’.”

“Here is where the problem lies:” Raymond signified.

“On September 21, 2011, Pacquiao was commissioned in the AFP Reserve Force with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. The Order was signed and approved by – no less than the late President Benigno ‘Noynoy’ Aquino III,” Raymond Satnamul noted. [Link here]

But here’s something Raymond Satnamul uncovered that should spell trouble for Manny Pacquiao and might cost him the Lt. Colonel rank in the Army Reservist.

According to Section 44 of Republic Act 7077 which provides that all “elected and appointed officials can be commissioned in the armed service if they are : Filipino citizens ; Age not less than 21 years and not more than 64 years old ; Graduate of Baccalaureate Degree/Honorary Degrees and are graduated of Advance ROTC or Probationary Officers Training Course or; a Degree holder who is a graduate of Basic ROTC.

“May I repeat the last paragraph – to become an officer in the AFP Reserve, he MUST be a degree holder,” Raymond Satnamul reiterated the last paragraph for emphasis.

At this juncture, Raymond Satnamul threw in two important questions that Manny Pacquiao must answer and convince the public he submitted a legitimate college diploma to the Commission on Appointments.

“The question is – if Pacquiao only graduated in 2019 with a college degree at the University of Makati – how the hell did he got promoted eight years earlier in 2011 by the Commander in Chief as recommended by the AFP?

Did Pacquiao submitted a ‘fake’ diploma to the AFP and subsequently to the powerful Commission on Appointments which confirmed his promotion?”

Raymond Satnamul recommended that Pacquiao’s promotion must be thoroughly investigated and if proven to be illegal, revoked by President Duterte.

“This promotion must be thoroughly investigated and if proven to be illegal, the Commission Order approved by Aquino may be revoked by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte on grounds that it is null and void ‘ab initio’…meaning his promotion did not exist right from the beginning.”

Raymond Satnamul further elaborated why revocation of Pacquiao’s promotion to the rank of Lt. Colonel is a must.

“You can just imagine, in the event a war breaks out between the Philippines and China (God forbid) and Lt. Col. Manny Pacquiao is the brigade commander of a unit of the AFP…the lives of more than a hundred soldiers would be at risk and in grave danger due to his lack of knowledge, skills in military strategy and tactics.”

Raymond Satnamul strongly argued that Pacquiao must be demoted to an NCO, otherwise the image and integrity will suffer.

“Pacquiao must be demoted back to an NCO or Sergeant, otherwise the image and integrity of the AFP, its chain of command will be jeopardized and the men/women in uniform demoralized. 😔



Source: Raymond Satnamul

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