DDS bloggers slam Drilon after admission he voted for GCTA law without realizing its implications, netizens say its proof he was sleeping on his job?

Perfect timing!

While everyone was enjoying their Saturdays and spending time away from social media, Senator Franklin Drilon admitted voting for the controversial GCTA law but didn’t realize implications.

Drilon’s admission came after ex-BuCor Chief Nic Faeldon lost his job, not to mention the unimaginable public humiliation he and his family went through.

DDS bloggers Arleen Medina, Adolfo Mortera and the Political Labandera took turns in hitting Senator Drilon on Facebook after issuing his “mea culpa” moment.

Medina remarked that Drilon was forced to confess he did something horrible in the hope that the public will be more lenient if admit the wrong he had done to Faeldon.

Remember Filipinos are known for our short-term memory. Meaning, we easily forget the wrong done to us by our public officials. Bong Revilla is the living proof of that.

Check out Medina’s FB post below re Drilon’s admission he signed GCTA law.

Masusukol na kaya Umamin na…

Manginginig ang susunod na departamentong papasukin ni Capt. Faeldon. 😂😂😂😂

“Inamin ngayon ni Sen. Franklin Drilon na may mali sa pagdadagdag noon ng Section 3 sa RA 10592 nang ito ay binabalangkas pa lamang sa Senado: “Dinagdagan namin ng Section 3… Admittedly, Sec. 3 of the law did not mention the exclusion of those convicted with heinous crimes.”

Mortera could only shake his head after the news of Drilon’s mea culpa spread online.

▪So, why is he blaming the current administration for the mess they created?
▪Was Drilon feigning ignorance to hide their real intent, which was to protect Aquino officials in case they are detained or convicted after 2016?
▪The good news is, Faeldon was able to expose the GCTA flaws, at his expense. [
Link here]

The Political Labandera echoed the sentiments of Medina and Mortera on Facebook.

NOW, he admits to a mistake AFTER someone just lost his job!

Drilon and his fellow Yellow senators cost a man his job! Faeldon just followed the law to the letter as written/”crafted” by Drilon et al. and signed by then President SLACKER back in 2013.

The Piggy IRONY of it all!

In light of Drilon’s admission, netizens commented that this is proof the senator from Iloilo has been sleeping on his job, literally.

Melanie Ramos Quintos Tulog kasi ng tulog eh. Siguro nananaginip pa or naalimpungatan nung binabalangkas ung batas. Nang magising sya, submitted na pala kay PNoy ung bill at hindi na nya nahabol. 🤪

Fredo Ursua Gonzaga Selma Gago, tulog k ng tulog e.

Prinz Victor Panay kasi sleeping on the job ang Porky na yan! And then isisi sa iba kabobohang ginawa nila. Dilawan mentality ever.

Meanwhile, netizen Lai Ramos de Luna commented that Drilon’s admission is a vindication for Faeldon.

Faeldon is vindicated . #Morallesson: don’t pass judgment on a person hastily for you may not know it is not of his own doing .

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