DDS lady lawyer burned Robredo’s lawyer & spokesman following statement VP is immune from suit re inciting to sedition on social media!

This is embarrassing!

Leni Robredo’s spokesman, who is also lawyer, got burned by DDS lawyer Trixie Cruz-Angeles following his statement that Robredo is immune from sedition raps in relation to the Bikoy exposé.

Angeles described the statement of Robredo’s spokesman Barry Gutierrez “predictable and flawed.”

Angeles went on to explain why Gutierrez’s statement was not only predictable but flawed.

According to Angeles, VP Robredo is not immune from suit because the Constitution does not explicitly said so.

On Gutierrez statement that the filing of the sedition case versus Robredo amounts to removal of the VP from office without impeachment proceedings? Angeles said Gutierrez is wrong on this one.

Angeles explained the sedition case isn’t intended to remove Robredo from her position, but to change her address from QC to Bilibid.

Angeles remarked that the VP camp should not worry too much about her position because she can keep it while in prison unless she is impeached.

You may read Trixie Cruz-Angeles’ full FB post below.

Sooooo predictable these people. But also such a flawed argument.

The VP is not immune from suit, since the constitution does not explicitly state it. Atty. Ibarra Gutierrez says that the filing of the case for sedition amounts to the removal of Mrs. Robredo from office without impeachment proceedings. This is incorrect.

Mrs. Robredo isnt being removed as Vice President. The PNP only wants a change of address. From QC to Bilibid.

Also, while the Supreme Court does say that one cannot indirectly remove an impeachable officer. It mentions this in Administrative Case no. 3135 April 15, 1988.

It says, “The Court also held that, under the Constitution, removal from office of a Member of the Supreme Court can be effected only through impeachment, and not indirectly through disbarment proceedings.”

Sound familiar? This was also the argument used to defend Atty. Meilou Sereno from losing her position as Chief Justice and justice of the Supreme Court through quo warranto.

However, in the criminal complaint filed by the PNP, no one is asking for her removal from office. The penalty here is imprisonment and she can very well remain vice president even in jail.

In fact, no one can be assigned to be vice president even if she is convicted, unless as a result of the conviction, she is impeached. In such a case, Atty. Gutierrez will get his wish for an impeachment trial to remove her.

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