DDS lawyer cries foul over ABS-CBN News headline, “Duterte declared PCSO games ex. lotto illegal”, says this is imprecise!

The critics of PRRD are working overtime and quick to grab every opportunity to make him look bad in the eyes of the public.

PRRD’s statement regarding the temporary shutdown of all PCSO games like lotto, scratch card and what not perfectly illustrates my point.

According to ABS-CBN’s headline dated July 26, 2019, “Duterte declares lotto, other PCSO games illegal”.

DDS lawyer Trixie Cruz-Angeles did not waste any second to call out ABS-CBN and correct the fake news the giant network tried to peddled as legitimate news.

In a Facebook post, Angeles basically described the ABS-CBN headline on PCSO closure as “imprecise”.

First and foremost, PRRD cannot declare what is legal or illegal. Only the court can interpret the law.

Second, PRRD did not declare the games illegal, he issued the closure order DUE TO CORRUPTION and subject them to investigation.

You may start reading the full FB post of Trixie Cruz-Angeles for details.

Is ABS-CBN fake news here?

Well, it is, at best, MISLEADING. The headline says Duterte declared PCSO games illegal. This is imprecise.

First, Duterte cannot declare what is legal, illegal. Only a court can interpret the law. And only the legislature can assign illegality to some acts.

Second, the President did not declare the games illegal, he ordered the closure of establishments and stopped the holding of games DUE TO CORRUPTION to subject them to investigation.

Third, while the President ordered the PNP and AFP to arrest persons engaged in gambling activity in connection with the franchises granted by PCSO, reference should be made to PRRD’s statement that he has come to the knowledge of the corrupt activities of these franchise grantees. This statement thus cannot and should not be read as the President ordering the arrest of people who are gambling, possibly legally.

Fourth, the order to arrest is always to be presumed by those ordered to effect them i.e. the PNP and AFP to be in accordance with law. And thus arrest can be made only pursuant to valid arrest warrants when probable cause has been established.

Note, the president has said that the suspected crime here, is corruption not gambling.

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