DDS lawyer’s emphatic response to Isko Moreno saying DDS = Domagoso Diehard Supporters now?

Desperate to get the support of the DDS (Duterte Diehard Supporters), Mayor Isko Moreno’s camp is trying very, very hard to sell himself as the choice of the DDS who are neither for BBM nor Leni Robredo by attaching his name to the Duterte brand.

Not to mention that Mayor Isko has been telling local media that he is hoping to get PRRD’s endorsement for many months now but his prayers has not been answered yet. Whether he is raising the white flag after realizing that PRRD will not ever raise his hand as the anointed presidential candidate, Moreno is now changing tactic and wooing the DDS support. Here’s what Moreno exactly said:

On top of that, Mayor Isko is also hoping to get PDP-Laban’s endorsement, especially from PDP-Laban president Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi.

Mayor Isko Moreno is apparently emboldened to anchor the trajectory of his presidential bid with the DDS due to the fact that the people behind President Duterte’s election campaign in 2016 are set to announce their pledge of allegiance to Moreno and his presidential bid like the officers and members of the Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte National Executive Coordinating Committee led by former Agrarian Reform chief John Castriciones have formally given their manifesto of support to Moreno. [Link here]

Will Isko Moreno fool some of the DDS and get their votes instead of voting for other candidates like Lacson and Pacquiao, if they are also not pro Leni and BBM?

Mayor Isko can at least give it a try. As they say, there is no harm in trying.

But let me address some of the DDS who might be suffering from short-term memory gap, remember how Yorme Isko disrespected and attacked PRRD days before he announced his presidential bid to put himself on the news and so people will start talking his name and get ahead in the race from his rivals?

And this?

Let me end the post by sharing the ultimate takedown move of Atty. Trixie of the Luminous to Mayor Isko’s statement that DDS is now Domagoso Diehard Supporters via her FB post.

Hindi nga po nalilipat sa mga gabinete ni Digong ang credibility niya, sa inyo pa kaya? Lalo na at kayo pa ang bumatikos kay PRRD at sa drug war nito.

BTW, Isko has changed his stance on the ICC and President Duterte after he was heavily criticized and said he won’t hand over PRRD to ICC. [CNN PH]


Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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