De Lima decries persecution; netizens respond and calls it poetic justice, karma!

After de Lima’s phone number was made public by Colangco during the NBP probe on illegal drugs, the senator’s phone was bombarded with hate messages overnight.

This morning, Senator de Lima spoke to reporters complaining about her privacy and safety.

They have basically destroyed my right to privacy and security in my communications and in my abode. I am now literally a persecuted person displaced from my home. Worse, they have turned people into weapons of destruction.

Meanwhile, netizens disagree with Senator Leila de Lima’s perspective on the matter. Below is a post from a de Lima critic who minced no words, telling her as it is.

How Chief Justice Corona must be laughing in heaven right now. I remember being in Luneta during the gathering of people condemning the pork barrel of the previous administration. CJ Corona arrived and was booed and heckled by some people there, citing CJ Corona’s ALLEGED ill-gotten wealth. Isn’t this EXACTLY how the previous administration ruined CJ Corona? The only difference is, they had no proof. And now, with all these druglords and criminals testifying against DeLima, isn’t this MORE PROOF than what they presented to destroy the reputation of CJ Corona?

And now that these druglords are shifting loyalties. DeLima now resorts to calling them criminals, and as criminals, they cannot be TRUSTED TO TELL THE TRUTH !! But the thing is Miss DeLima, who do you think the people will believe? YOU or the people who testified against you? GOODBYE !!! And congratulations Chief Justice Renato Corona, JUSTICE HAS FINALLY BEEN SERVED.

Netizen Alfred Sabugo joins the conversation expressing his sentiment…

Now that karma is on your side you feel now what you have done along with the aquino hurts so much isnt it de lima….and now you call them criminals…you yourself is the criminal by corrupting the minds of the people including the minds of the international community.youre a shame n criminal even traitor…may you rest in peace now justice corona that justice has been done to this devolic woman….the heiress of lucifer….

Rafael Galang says:

Critics are now citing the high cost in exchange of immunity granted to witnesses during de Limas hearing but they forgot the cost incurred during Cj Corona’s case extended in forms of pork barrels to those who pursued the case to prosecute him…….and who do you think paid the highest price …….??? …don’t be misguided same is true with its legality…,

Edwin Rondero Lubao wants de Lima to turn against her former bosses and says:

Expect that if something happened to you, it is your allies as the culprit and be accounted for. To shut you up once you are cornered and no way to tell anymore lies. Chances are, you can get immunity if you confess to tell the truth and nothing but the truth. Just maybe.

Le Nore says:

Justice served for the late CJ Corona.. sabi ko na eh,date pa nung hearing ni cj corona,may sumthing fishy.. i am not 100% agree na tinanggal sya.. naramdam ko pinagkaisahan sya.. mas lalo ako naawa nung pinalayas sya nung mga taong bayan na nagrally.. felt sad at that moment.. ngayon,delima ikaw nmn ang mananagot.. u underestimated our president! Tignan natin.san ka pupulitin dhil sa mga kgagawan mo!

Rodel Patrimonio says:

How does it feel? Is karma more dangerous than all the shit uve done before? Karma is a bitch just to let u know.

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