De Lima’s attempt to badger SPO3 Lascañas falls flat on her face badly, had the crowd giggling

A video showing Senator de Lima pestering SPO3 Arthur Lascañas about the watch given to Matobato but failing badly is making the rounds online.

The page “Thinking Pinoy” shared the video wherein the line of questioning of Senator de Lima to the alleged Davao Death Squad leader centered on the watch he gave to Edgar Matobato as a birthday gift.

De Lima attempted to intimidate SPO3 Arthur Lascañas but she failed miserably, much to chagrin of the senator.

The witty reply from SPO3 Lascañas elicited laughter from the senate gallery.

The netizens also had a good review at SPO3 Lascanas’ interrogation with de Lima. Meanwhile, netizens slams de Lima for her antics.

Bella Jane says:

You can never outwit a man who is street smart and has mastered the language of the streets. He has more to offer and can troll even a bar topnotcher.

Stanley Yuri says:

You can never outwit a man who’s learned from the wittiest president we’ve ever known.

Osibla Enan Noil-egap says:

Hahaha….. So amo ngayon D5? Gusto mo isa batas natin dapat Pag magrerelo tayo rig dadalawa? Hahaha….

At saka, Yong luma ang binigay niya eh kc wala kaming milliones… Di katulad mo tig dadalawa or higit pa nga sa dalawa ehh…. Marami pala, maraming bahay, maraming pera, maraming lalaki, maraming alagad, ano pa?

Lui Cabasis says:

SPO3 is not only street smart. He also has a bachelor of laws under his sleeves. (He mentioned studying law)

Gilbert Cruz says:

Galing ni manong,yan ang swabeng supalpal.

Kurisuchin Jane says:

I pity this woman really. Overzealous barking for justice. Ako na yung naaawa sa pinag gagawa niya. People don’t respect her and she doesn’t even respect herself.

Hazel Baldomar says:

This is stupid interrogation. So if a witness chose to give his old watch to another because he brought a new one, what has it got to do with being credible witness or not. De5 is insinuating that this is being wise na para bang masama yon, when actually, its a nice gesture giving away your preloved item. If it looks brand new, maalaga ka lang sa gamit mo.

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