Dean of San Beda Graduate School of Law on Sal Panelo’s “endorsement letter”: ‘I don’t find anything wrong or malicious with that. That is standard practice.’

Malacanang spokesman Salvador Panelo has been drawing a lot of flak on social media after Inquirer and Rappler insinuated Panelo used his position to pressure the Board of Pardons and Parole to grant clemency to his former client ex-Mayor Antonio Sanchez of Calauan.

Even pro-Duterte bloggers like Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu has called out Panelo to tender his resignation so he doesn’t further taint the President.

Panelo was so incensed he is set to press charges against the two news media companies.

While critics want the head of Malacanang spokesman Salvador Panelo in a silver platter literally speaking, the Dean of the Graduate School of Law at San Beda College Mendiola, Fr. Ranhilio Callangan Aquino sees nothing wrong or malicious with Panelo’s endorsement letter and called it “standard practice”.

Check out Fr. Ranhilio Callangan Aquino’s full FB post below.


I am no Panelo fan and I find him funny in many ways, but let us be fair.

The letter by which he supposedly “endorsed” the release of Sanchez was not really an endorsement; he did not recommend the grant of release. He did not request that good conduct be credited to Sanchez.

It was, by all reckoning, a run-of-the-mill standard “endorsement letter” — which, in administrative practice, simply means that one office forwards basic communication and its attachments to another office for its consideration.

I don’t find anything wrong or malicious with that. That is standard practice.

As for others who may have endorsed his early release, let us not begrudge them their personal beliefs. They believed he had served long enough. Their positions might not have been popular, but there was nothing illegal about what they proposed, and they did so, I assume, in accordance with their convictions.

Let us be clear: I do not favor Sanchez’s release, but let not our dislike for attempts to set him free turn into unjust aspersions against others.

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