Dean of San Beda Law burns Dean of FEU Law over tweet on draft constitution re term extension

In social media, netizens freely expresses their thoughts in every conceivable topics. But please, even you are the dean of the college of law and you think you know a lot, be careful when commenting on the new draft of the constitution. Unless, you are prepared to make an embarrassment out of yourself.

On Twitter, TV5 broadcaster Mel Sta. Maria baited one of the members of the commission on Constitutional reform to comment on the provision of the draft constitution regarding term extension of the president.

However, his choice of words in crafting his question by using the wrong adjectives like “clever” and “confuse” was kinda off, eliciting a quick response from Fr. Ranhilio Aquino, member of the constitutional reform commission and dean of San Beda College of law.

“The draft constitution states that the incumbent President’s term “shall not be extended”. But it does not say he is prohibited from being re-elected. A clever use of words. Was this meant to confuse? Extension is lengthening without re-election.”

Fr. Aquino replied, telling Sta. Maria not to attribute malice to his colleagues in the commission because it is unfair.

“No, Mel. Do not attribute malice to the whole lot of us — Reynato Puno, Antonio Nachura, Nene Pimentel? We didn’t spend hours debating on how to deceive the people. That is not fair. And which Constitution from 1935 prohibited incumbents from running?”

Hoping to save his face from the embarrassing tweet, Atty. Mel Sta. Maria explained he was not attributing malice but simply posing the hard questions because so much is at stake.

“I’m not attributing malice. My point is,if this document will potentially govern the Filipino people,ALL questions are legitimate even those which appear to be skeptical, suspicious and bias.And all of them must be answered.Nothing less must be done. So much is at stake.”

Guess who got the upper hand between the two college of law deans? The comments below speaks volume who wins the debate.

1coberto9 @ecks916 wrrote:

“Empty cans are really loud these days. Dont expect to much.”

Jhoko @jhokoico

“dean ka ba talaga? Kaya pala pulpol mga abogado natin dahil sa mga dean na katulad mo. Tsk! Pambihira! So what kung mareelect si PDUTS? As long as he is mandated by Filipino people legit na democracy yun! Kayo ang diktador! Dean ka pa naman. Tsk! Magbasa ka ulit ng constitution..”

docjerome @tiromy

“Can you answer the question of @RanhilioAquino sir @attymeltweet? I am curious to know which among all the constututions we had expressly prohibits all incumbents from running again. I believe you can answer this as many think you have a brilliant mind.”

Your thoughts?

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