Dear car owners: Thieves found an ingenious way to open your car & steal your things

Are you a car owner? Well, read this. If you disregard this warning, you might fall victim to this scheme and regret later on.

A post from the Rizal Provincial Police Office has caught my attention because not so long ago, I saw a CCTV video of a parked car being ransacked by a young thief.

Although, it was not clear how the thief managed to open the car, one commenter described the modus for the benefit of other netizens which bears resemblance to the one shared by the Rizal Provincial Police Office. Please read below.

Ipit singko modus

Ipit singko modus

Attention, new modus of thieves.

While your car is locked, they slide a 5 cent coin in the door handle on the passenger side.

When you leave the car, nothing happens, but when you stop and close your car, the central locking will not function normally, leaving the car vulnerable to the thief’s modus because the door of the car will not close properly.

As soon as you depart, the thieves who have followed you will be able to get inside your car and steal everything that takes their fancy.

Remember to double check and watch out for a 5 cent coin in your car handle before proceeding to your business of the day.

Please tag your friends who are car owners too.

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