Decorated combat officer & ex-military rebel urges President Duterte to “put an end to corruption & rottenness @ Comelec” via open letter

In light of the exposé of lawyer Glenn Chong, ex-military rebel and decorated combat officer Maj. Abe Purugganan wrote to President Duterte, urging him to put an end to corruption and rottenness of our electoral system.

Purugganan said “four hundred fifty nine (459) transmissions of election results before the actual election day and actual canvassing are clear evidences that our computer system for election has been breached, compromised, and exploited by the very people whom we have entrusted to protect our will.”

In other words, a serious crime has been committed by the Comelec when Smartmatic’s system was hacked to favor LP (Liberal Party), defrauding the Filipino of their will.

Our system has been hacked to favor candidates of the Liberal Party. This is not just a case of massive electoral fraud where our votes have been stolen and sold but 459 counts of cyber crimes committed to defraud the Filipino of their will.

Worse, Purugganan noted the concerted effort by the guilty party to silence the truth and even more alarming was that Senate investigation which the public hoped would shed light on these crime have failed as Liberals prevented it.

Now, there is a conspiracy to cover-up these crimes. And it seems that we are helpless to do anything about it. The Senate investigation where we hoped to give more light and expose the fraud committed in the 2016 election failed as liberals prevented it from happening. Right before our eyes, the Liberal Party, Comelec, and Smartmatic including the media are fooling the Filipino people in their desperate move to cover-up these crimes and to protect their people who benefitted from this fraud.

On this note, Purugganan asked President Duterte to intervene and use his presidential prerogative and restore the faith of the public to our failed electoral system.

We are demanding that justice be done, and that order and decency and uprightness be restored in our electoral system. Your effort for genuine political change would hardly be realized if our electoral system remained to be in its rotten state.

We look upon you to address this. With all the powers in your hand, you can once in for all put an end to the corruption and rottenness in our electoral system, and put all those culprits behind bars.

Purugganan said that no less than a forensic investigation led by the NBI and PNP will reveal the truth.

Purugganan remarked that the senate investigation lacks the credibility to handle such probe because it has zero technical knowledge and competence re information and communication systems and cyber crimes and security.

He further added that the DOJ should now take custody of Smartmatic and Comelec’s ICT systems for safekeeping.

Only a forensic investigation conducted by NBI and PNP will reveal the whole truth about this fraud, not in a senate investigation that has no technical knowledge and competence about information and communication systems and cyber crimes and security. We suggest that DOJ will now take custody of Smartmatic and Comelec’s ICT systems used in the 2016 election.

Please call for an immediate investigation.

Thank you.
(If you agree, share and send this note to PRD.)

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