Defeated OtsoDirteso senate bet blamed President Duterte why Pinoys underestimated #UlyssesPH?

In the wake of the flooding brought about by Typhoon Ulysses, leaving thousands of Metro Manilans stranded on their rooftops, clinging for dear life awaiting rescue, former SolGen Pilo Hilbay asked on Twitter:

Why did we seem to have underestimated #UlyssesPH?

The critic of the Duterte admin and 2019 defeated senatorial candidate under the OtsoDerecho lineup cited three reasons.

  1. #RollyPh was strong but spared Metro Manila, which made people complacent.
  2. Nothing compares to ABS-CBN’s nationwide ability to inform the nation of impending calamities
  3. The absence of President Duterte to warn the nation.

Hilbay’s tweet did not make a lot of Duterte supporters very please, including staunch pro-Duterte socmed blogger Andrew Olivar, who wasted no time in demolishing Hilbay’s arguments, using his signature humorous and witty style of writing a response.

“Sasagutin kita YouthBa!!!” Olivar announced.

Olivar responded that this reminds him of Hilbay who underestimated Rodrigo Duterte in the past but he won. And then the typhoons that came after President Duterte they also underestimated, made them complacent. Hence, they were flushed down in the toilets. Olivar added that Hilbay blamed the people for being complacent, that’s why it happened to them. He wondered why was it when Digong started blaming them, they got angry. Olivar lamented that when Hilbay and friends do the blaming, it is just okay.

  1. Parang ikaw yun ah?? Inunderestimate nyo si RODRIGO DUTERTE noon pero ayun nanalo tapos yung mga sumunod na bagyong kasunod ni DIGONG ay inunderestimate nyo din at naging complacent kayo kaya naflush kayo ng wala sa oras.. sinisi mo ang mga tao na naging complacent kahit ganun na nangyari sa kanya. Bakit kapag si digong ang nanisi galit na galit kayo pero kapag kayo ok lang? Ayan wala ka nanamang boto next election.

On Hilbay saying that nothing compares to ABS-CBN…Olivar answered that during Typhoons Yolanda and Ondoy, Kapamilya was still very much around and yet, disaster still struck? Fortunately, there are less casualties now unlike before when ABS-CBN bombarded the public with too much information.

2. Nothing compares to ABS CBN? Hoy YOUTHBA, khit ngkyolanda at nagkaOndoy noon at operating parin ang ABS CBN same padin ang result.
Yung nga lang walang masyadong casualties kes noon na tadtad ng information na ang ABSCBN.

Olivar informed Hilbay that NDRRMC has been issuing warning to FIlipinos. He asked that if PRRD will warn them Dilawans, will they listen to him? He said the Dilawans would rather find mistakes in the warning than appreciate the usefulness of PRRD’s warning.

3. Meron na pong NDRRMC na nagwawarn sa mga PILIPINO.. bakit kapag nagwarn ba si PRRD sa inyong mga dilawan ay papakinggan nyo sya? Mas inuuna nyo ngang hanapin yung mali sa warning nya kesa dun sa maganda sa warning nya.

Olivar asked that when President Duterte warned the drug pushers about OPLAN TOKHANG, did they follow?

“Youthba noong nagwarning sya na itotokhang yang mga DRUG PUSHERS lahat ba ay sumunod??”

Olivar answered that not all will heed Duterte’s warning no matter how many times he will warn them.

“Hndi lahat susunod kahit magwarning ka ng magwarning!!
O sya iwan na kita jan . Di masaya ang scalp mo bye”


Source: Andrew Olivar

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