Defeated senate bet Pilo Hilbay earns ire of netizens for tweet congratulating Senator Pacquiao for winning over American boxer Thurman. Read why!

If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all.

Well, defeated OtsoDiretso senate bet Pilo Hilbay’s mother must have forgotten to tell his son while growing up about this adage or his humbling election defeat got the better of him, so that explains why he rained on Manny’s parade on Twitter.

Why did I say so?

If you read Hilbay’s tweet, he congratulated Manny Pacquiao for the win but telling the fighting senator to strive to become this and that from a loser like Hilbay simply left a bad taste in anyone’s mouth.

Please check the screengrab image of Hilbay’s tweet to understand where the angry reactions are coming from.

DDS blogger Rocky Marciano has taken to Facebook expressing contempt for Hilbay’s tweet to Pacquiao.

Marciano remarked that Hilbay’s comment is irrelevant because he is a loser while the people is behind Pacquiao by putting him where he is now, in the senate.

Marciano said Hilbay has no right to sound condescending to Pacquiao because clearly, the fighting senator is superior to Hilbay.

You may read Marciano’s full FB post below.

Coming from a loser like you? Your comment is IRRELEVANT.

Manny Pacquiao is a Senator, you are NOT. Different level. The Filipino people voted for Manny, the Filipino people did NOT vote for you.

The Filipino people REJECTED you as Senator. So don’t sound patronizing. You were only a Senatorial candidate.

You never became a Senator so don’t be pretending to be one. Feeling… The Filipino people trust Manny in legislature.

The Filipino people does not want you to create laws. Right now, the Filipino people wants you to answer to the law for being a destabilizer.

You are not worthy to be called a lawmaker. Instead what you are is a lawbreaker.

So don’t be condescending because Senator Manny Pacquiao is SUPERIOR than you.

Meanwhile, radio personality and DDS blogger Mark Lopez also slammed Hilbay for the wayward tweet.

Yung tipong nagbubunyi ang buong Pilipinas pero biglang may papapel at biglang mamumulitika.

Tulad na lang nitong talunan na ito na kung maka banat eh akala mo naman naging senador, at ang kapal pa ng mukhang mag sermon.

Wala eh, kaya napag iwanan ang bansa natin dahil sa mga ungas na ito nung nabigyan ng kapangyarihan.

Buti na lang talaga nabalatan na natin ang karakas nitong damuho na ito.

Pakisama nga ito sa Team Leche…

(ctto Maricar Serrano)

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Sources: Rocky Marciano Mark Lopez

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