Dejected Agot Isidro announced losing her iPhone on Twitter. Ironically, she was attending Sept 21 rally in Luneta with ‘disente’ people

On Twitter, actress Agot Isidro announced she lost her expensive phone while attending the anti-Duterte rally in Luneta.

Lost my phone at the rally. Sana may napakain man lang ang kumuha. 😬

Agot Isidro the TV actress has a good number of followers on Twitter, so its no surprise she will receive sympathetic replies from her fans.

Netizen Madel de Leon remarked about losing something to learn to appreciate what we have.

Another netizen lara nicole villegas , perhaps a friend of the actress said it was ‘sayang’ because it was an Iphone.

Meanwhile, some netizens couldn’t resist but troll Agot isidro to annoy her.

Moh’d Aziz Mg.‏ @MgMohammadAziz said its ironic that Agot was in the company of decent people “kuno” but turned out, there are thieves among their ranks.

As if rubbing salt to an injury, netizen LloydSinugba said this was not the case in the pro-Duterte rally.

Meanwhile, crossing over to Facebook, Sass Rogando Sasot asked the thief to return Agot Isidro’s iPhone because after all they are from the same side of the fence so to speak.

Iyong nagnakaw ng phone ni Agot Isidro sa anti-Duterte rally, ibalik niyo yan! Pati kakampi ninyo kinakana ninyo.

Netizen Paul Go So said Agot should have anticipated what happened since some of the people who joined their street protest were criminals and addicts. “Kung puro ba naman addict at kriminal ang nasa rally na galit ky du30 ei… Expected na yan.. Sus agot..tanda muna boba ka parin.”

Maretez Gequinto echoed the same sentiment as above. “Hahahahhaha paano kasi na ang mga sumasama sa rally ng mga anti Duterte ay sila Yung mga snatcher,magnanakaw, rapest durugista, carnappers, kidnappers at lahat ng mga salot ay sila Yung mga anti Duterte hahahaha Kaya paano ka maging safe agot na lahat ng mga salot ay nandyan sa rally nyo! Hahahahha”

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