Deplorable! — Pinoy netizen describes Filipinos’ reaction versus rest of the world to frontline responders fighting disasters or disasters

I believe I need to share this keen observation of Facebook netizen named Jethol C. Paanod on Facebook regarding how Filipinos react versus the rest of the world to the heroism of their responders during natural or man-made disasters.

In a Facebook post, Paanod noted that when Australia was ravaged by wildfire, Australians celebrated their fighters’ heroism.

When Taal erupted, the Phivolcs people and the scientists in general were berated and worse accused of incompetence for failing to issue a advanced warning. Notwithstanding the fact that prediction of volcanic eruption is still far from precise.

Meanwhile, in other parts of the globe, their people are glorifying the heroism of their frontliners in the fight against coronavirus.

In the Philippines, Paanod lamented how our kababayans are shamelessly disrespecting our doctors telling them they are inferior to their Western counterparts, questioning their preparedness and ability to handle an outbreak in case the feared coronavirus infects hundreds if not thousands of Filipinos. One investigative journo even indirectly maligned and underestimated the doctors of San Lazaro because she thought they were wrong about their findings with one suspected nCov patient.

Paanod, with a mixed of sadness and irritation by the tone of his voice called some Filipinos “deplorable” as a people – we allow a crisis to unleash the worst of us. We choose to demoralize our heroes just when our support is needed by them the most.

One netizen seemed to agree with Paanod’s observation. “Because Filipinos are “reactive” people. Knee-jerk-kind-of-people. Emotional “reactives”. I can associate that to the past administrations (Pnoy), kind of cultural behaviors we’ve been conditioned to be (the decades and decades of regular gossip/showbiz programs on TV and telenovelas), plus being unconsciously racist (calling all Indians on a motorbike Bombay and 5-6) and the short-term-thinking we’ve been used to (the poor only thinking of being able to eat for the day). Bring all of that with the current nCoV and add hysteria, tadaannn–Filipino Mentality¬†😒¬†yes, we really are deplorable beings.”

Paanod’s FB post generated quite a lot of interest on Facebook. As of this writing, the post has generated 1200+ shares and 1,490+ reactions.

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Source: Jethol Paanod

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