Did BBM give Rappler, Hana Bordey, GMA or anyone else permission to verify his qualifications from Oxford University? — concerned netizen

So, the mainstream media seemed to work as one entity in trying all their might to discredit BBM’s viability as the country’s next leader by resurrecting an old issue regarding his Special Diploma or degree from Oxford University, which started in the 2016 when BBM ran for vice president.

As you can see in the screenshot below, the GMA article claimed that Oxford University confirmed via email former Senator Bongbong Marcos Jr. did not complete his BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics degree but was awarded Special Diploma on Social Studies in 1978.

GMA News even posted the email from Oxford University as proof they did reach out to BBM’s school in UK with regards to the issue.

However, the FB page Sara Duterte 2022 raised an important question to challenge the credibility of GMA News’ assertion in the article below.

Basically, the FB Page Sara Duterte 2022 wants to know if GMA News and fellow MSM did get permission from BBM since Oxford University has strict laws when it comes to unauthorized disclosure of data and information.

You may read the brief FB post from Sara Duterte 2022 FB page.

GMA News – have you verified the fake news you are circulating?!

At Oxford University, a third person can verify qualifications of its alumni WITH PERMISSION OF THE STUDENT. UK has very strict laws when it comes to unauthorized disclosure of data and information.

Did Bongbong Marcos give Rappler, Hana Bordey, GMA or anyone else permission? The 6 year old black propaganda of the pinklawans are meant for idiots. #WaEpek #BlackOps


Netizens reacted to the FB thread in favor of BBM as shown in their comments below.


GMA NEWS!!! WALA effect mga headlines nyo about BBM! You are wasting your time..puro paninira lang ni Bongbong! Post some relevant news not MARCOS only! POOR THING…YOU ARE DESPERADO TAKOT NA TAKOT NA MANANALO SI BBM …But I tell you if it’s God’s will kahit ano pa ang paninira nyo sa kanya BBM will WIN!!! BIG TIME! LANSLIDE WIN. BBM for President! ❤❤❤

Whatever 🤪🤪🤪 Bbm is always in our heart ,okay lng doon kayo sa presidentiable tapos ng kurso sa loob lng tatlong buwan,3months only , hehehe 3mo. Degree alam na dis

Why should it be a big deal in the first place? Having a diploma is not a requirement to run for presidency. Besides, there are a lot of successful people who did not finish school. And the way these media keep rubbing this issue on BBM will just endear him to the masses even more.


Source: Sara Duterte 2022

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