Did Cynthia Patag accuse PNP of hiring Bulacan massacre suspects to commit gruesome crime to rally support for death penalty?

Thus far, the worst allegation raised by Duterte’s critics has been the issue of extra-judicial killings to undermine the anti-illegal drugs campaign of the PNP.

But hear this!

On Facebook, Cynthia Patag just accused the government of paying the Bulacan murder suspect/s to commit the gruesome crime so that government can use it to drum public support for Oplan Tokhang and Death Penalty?


When I saw this self-confessed pedophile/rapist/murderer on yesterday’s evening TV news admitting without an ounce of remorse, that he and his 2 companions massacred the Carlos family (2 women, 3 children) after taking shabu because “TRIP LANG,” I fumed that the death penalty was too good for these low lives. However, as he kept talking, my gut told me that something was terribly wrong. The construction worker’s demeanor was smug, cocky, even. (Educational attainment: Grade 1.)
How much money did he and his conspirators receive, what deal was made to carry out that gruesome crime? Was it meant to be used for the Tokhang/death penalty propaganda by the Communication Department of MalacaƱg? There. I had to say it.

Credits to Atty. Bruce Rivera

When Atty. Bruce Rivera was alerted of Cynthia Patag’s Facebook post, he wrote an open letter addressed to PNP Chief Gen. Ronald dela Rosa asking him to subject the retired singer/comedian to Oplan Tokhang for making absurd accusation against the government. [Bruce Rivera’s open letter here]

Social media bloggers like Rocky Gonzales and Ethel Pineda joined netizens in condemning Patag in the strongest terms.

Rocky Gonzales wrote: “The human refuse (tae ng tao) that is Cynthia Patag has once again proven how degenerated her logic has become, a perfect reflection of her face.”

Ethel Pineda remarked: “Creature most foul.

Where do they breed miscreants like Cynthia Patag? Sa imburnal?”

Giosh Gutierrez wrote: “Wow! This fucking bitch really lost her mind!! So she mean to say. That the government is behind that gruesome shit that happens to that family!! What the fuck!! Umamin Na Ung demonyong kapatid mo cyntia PUTAG! Na nag droga sia! lango sa alak at pinag tripan nila un mag anak!!! Dpat ang tanungin dyan kung saan sia bumili ng droga. Bka sinamahan sia nia Mar!! King inamo! #cyntiapatag”

Mila Tupas said: “Are you paranoid cynthia patag or just showing your skills in english writing to prove you dont belong to the group of trillanes et al 😄😄😄 but may I remind you your great writings skills is futile to admire you in the sense that it is senseless.Puro hyfallutin words madam.”

Lee Marapao commented: “Patag is the lowest human form.
God that is beyond comprehension.
Brutality murdering the family & raping the women while they were dead is evil beyond compare.
How i wish we have the laws of punishment in Iran that for sure will affirm justice.
Patag is doomed hopeless.”

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Source: Cynthia Patag


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