Did Duterte supporter Noel Sarifa just say that under President Duterte, Filipinos can have their revenge against abusive politicians & oligarchs?

Duterte supporter and blogger Noel Landero Sarifa said that before President Duterte became President, ordinary Filipinos lived in fear – fear from criminals, pickpockets, politicians because they act like kings and we are their slaves, praying we are not the next victim. Even the police that we look up to as our protectors, sometimes, the police does not even care. We were helpless, we were on our own.

Sarifa said we can’t blame ourselves why we are not united as a people, we stopped loving our country because the people we thought as our protectors and allies are the same people that we fear for taking advantage of us.

Before Duterte, we were puppets, we believe what they said, followed their commands, blinded by the media who were bribed by the rich to hide the truths from the public, their shameless sins from ordinary people.

Before Duterte, we are like zombies according to Sarifa, who walked and foraged for food in order to live but we lived in a life we don’t like, we lived like like chickens – one scratch, one peck so to speak. Because we were deprived of opportunities, forcing us to seek jobs overseas because greedy few stole the country’s resources. The country’s riches are supposedly distributed equally among Filipinos.

Before Duterte, the government exist not because they wanted to drive this country moving forward but to make sure that the status quo is preserved -those at the top remains at the top and the bottom dwellers stay where they are. Whoever tries to disturb the status quo meet an untimely demise or framed with crimes to silence them forever.

Sarifa said we were blinded by big words like democracy, EDSA, Freedom of Speech, human rights, International Aid and Dictator.

Sarifa lamented we were like beggars asking for small change from politicians who acted like kings. When in truth, the ordinary people are supposedly the kings and queens of the country that they should serve, not the other way around, not the politicians, who are the thieves of the national coffers.

Sarifa remarked that most of us or all of us are still imprisoned by the so-called 1986 constitution, a law meant not to protect the people but the best interest of the oligarchs, high profile criminals we call Politicians. Sarifa stated that we have been milked by the abusive few, exploiting the holes in our laws, making their thieveries legal .

Sarifa preached that “change is not instant especially if we cannot start from ourselves, we need to persevere and it needs to be continuous so we can achieve our goal, we are too far away from where we should be, but with the right leader, with enough support from the people, with the right platform, we can be at our destination one step at a time.”

Sarifa told netizens that our form of revenge is to: lift our families out of poverty, have ample opportunities to improve, make the opportunists answer for their sins, correct and have a justice system that is fair and that actually functions, have security and protection against bad people and a government that fights for country and every Filipinos.

Sarifa punctuated the long FB post with a reassuring words to Filipinos who endured years of injustice from the high and mighty.

Makakapaghiganti din tayo.

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Source: Noel Sarifa

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