Did Glaiza de Castro’s tweet vs Duterte reinforces Arnel Ignacio’s remark many local celebs are dumb?

Duterte supporter JP Mortel Fajura has alerted fellow Duterte supporters with regards to the rude and disrespectful tweet of GMA 7 actress Glaiza de against President Duterte.

Fajura borrowed the comment of another netizen whom he thinks captured his personal take on Glaiza de Castro’s tweet. BTW, the article wherein the netizen below made the comment, appeared on the FB page “Showbiz Insider”.

Basically, the netizen commented that he is now convinced what Mr. Arnelli Ignacio said about some fellow local artists – that many are dumb. The netizen defended President Duterte doing an aerial inspection to know the extent of the damage enroute to the affected areas and to know what actions to take and prioritize. The netizen advised Glaize to eat peanuts from time to time. Pinoys believed eating peanuts make people intelligent.

“naku ms Glaiza De Castro naniniwala na talaga ako kay mr ignacio maraming bobo sa artista na which you belong hahaha syempre presidente yan maghelikopter para mag inspection beside kailangan malaman ng pangulo on his on way yong mga apektadong lugar at kung anong aksyon ang unang gagawin kain minsan ng mani ah” – Titus Mangente

The FB post of Showbiz Avenue has generated adverse reactions against Glaiza de Castro as shown in the comments of netizens below.

Netizen # 1 commented, “Empty can makes a LOUD LOUD NOISE ! 🤪 ….ignore people who are narrow minded because those are people who doesn’t deserve your time xxxxx….. what’s happening in the world right now is inevitable ( calamities that hits the Philippines is not the fault of duterte and global Covid19 …) even Europe ,& America could not put an end on this deadly virus ….”

Netizen #2 wrote that she is a fan of Glaiza de Castro because of her acting skill but she’s a huge disappointment for being rude to the President. “Glaiza,hanga ako sa pag arte mo bilang kontra bida,pero ang maging kontra sa presidente ng walang katuturan,thumbsdown ka sa akin, eh ano gusto mong gawin ng presidente, sumakay ng balsa, mamudmod ng relief goods,hayssst,presidente yan,ikaw nga artista lang,gagawin mo ba yan,,,,,”

Netizen #3 commented that local celebs are making it obvious that they are just beauty and nothing else.

“Mga artista masyado pinapahalata na ganda lang ang meron kayo pero saksakan ng mga bobita, walang utak! Dapat tlga sa inyo hnd hangaan mga basura mga pag uugali nyo.”


Source: JP Mortel Fajura

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