Did Inquirer use El Shaddai photo to back up organizer’s claim 20K people attended “Heal the Land” gathering?

On Facebook, retired broadcaster Jay Sonza alleged that the Inquirer used an El Shaddai photo to support claim that 20K people attended the “Heal the Land” gathering.

It reads:

“Mike Velarde is lol, litrato ng El Shaddai gamit ng Inquirer sa “heal” coverage 20K daw hahaha”

Sonza’s Facebook post came after the Inquirer posted an article entitled, “Look: Thousands march on EDSA to call for an end to drug killings.”

In fairness to PDI, nowhere in the article that says 20,000 people attended the “Heal the Land” gathering in EDSA.

However, the picture used as thumbnail in the article appeared to be different from the video footage of the EDSA gathering which you can check below for your reference.

Another netizen named Troy Zarate de Leon was one of the firsts to notice the disconnect between the Inquirer photo of the “heal the land” gathering and the actual video footage.

de Leon writes:

“I wonder where the inquirer got the still picture when their own video couldnt show that much people, more so the 20K which Inquirer says the organizers claim.”

Netizen Ida Leonen also agrees with de Leon’s observation. “Iba yung picture. Iba yung video. Potah, galit sila kay Mocha naglabas ng picture ng Latin army, pero sila, panay din gamit ng wrong pics. Masyado pang maaga, ndi pa ganyan karami ang tao kaninang maliwanag pa”

Melchor Vergara echoes Sonza’s observation that the photo was taken during an El Shaddai gathering. “the still photo is from a past El Shaddai event in Luneta.”

Konrad de Leon says the photo was from another event. “The still, if i am not mistaken, was from the Million March years ago.”

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