Did Judy Ann Santos accidentally spend P50K in one online purchase & not whine about it unlike when she paid P500/kilo for white onions? Netizens react!

Did Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo spend 50K on online shopping in one purchase?

Yes. That’s according to Atty. Ahmed of the Luminous FB page who shared the screenshot of the said post from pep.ph as proof he was not teasing them and wrote he was hoping Juday did not accidentally spend all her P50K on white onions.

Atty. Ahmed asked his FB followers in jest if they can talk about the law of buying onions in bulk.

In fairness to Juday, the pep.ph video was posted last year and when I checked out the video, I found out Juday spent her P50K on truffle oil and fresh pasta. [Link here]

According to Juday, she forgot to check how many items were in her online shopping cart when she clicked the purchase button. She was supposed to order only 1 truffle oil and fresh pasta but ended up ordering 5 and 6 respectively instead of 1 item each.

The news of Juday spending P50K online like it was no big deal and not bitching about it online like when she had to pay P500 a kilo for white onions elicited mixed reactions online.

Netizens have different reactions to Juday’s mistake that cost her P50K in one sitting.

One netizen chided fellow netizens for their shallow-mindedness. But wait, there’s more!

Kababawan nitong mga toh..Marami naman yatang pera itong si Juday sana try nya bumili ng utak 🧠

This netizen chided Juday for being a braggart when he did not even post it on social media after spending P50 on fishballs.

Yabang nmn ng hindot na to! Naka 50 nga dn ako fishball nde ko nmn post!

A 3rd found Juday’s story unbelievable since the bank sends an OTP to confirm the purchase especially if it involve this much money.

Accidentally? 50k? Mmmmm you get an OTP form your bank if its this much right? Accidentally ka diyan! Next W@ttpad story na!

This is echoed by another netizen.

Nobody “accidentally” spends 50k on one online purchase not unless if tanga talaga! Kaya nga may option na i.add to cart yung items before checking out! She’s stupid

Let me end this blog post by sharing the straightforward comment of one commenter.

reklamo sa 500 na sibuyas..pero ang Saya mo pa sa 50k..OA ka na madam juday..🤣🤣🤣nalugaw na rin utak.

You may now read Atty. Ahmed’s original FB post below.

If this is true, I hope she didn’t accidentally buy white onions. At 500 a kilo, uhmm, that would roughly be around… uhm…

Let’s talk about the law of buying onions in bulk, shall we?

Stupid math things in life.



Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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