Did Leni Robredo accepts anti-dr#g w@r czar post with malevolent & malicious intent? This netizen thinks so! Read why!

Robredo accepts anti-dr#g w@r czar post with malevolent and malicious intent? This netizen think so! Read why!

Well, that’s as far as the Facebook post of netizen Gil Ramos is concerned.

Of course, US-based blogger Edwin Jamora polished Ramos’ FB post by providing the eye-grabbing title and highlighted the paragraphs for easy reading.

Ramos said that with all sincerity, he thinks Leni accepted the dr$g w@r post with malicious and malevolent (evil) intent, calling it conflicted acceptance with deceptive and secret motives.

Ramos compared Leni Robredo to the cheerleader of the squad whose mission is to derail the dr$g w@r and suddenly when given the driver seat in the w@r against dr#g$, the thing she has been trying to stop, she can’t hide her excitement as the Trojan horse.

Ramos recalled Leni’s interview with Reuters wherein she said Duterte admin’s w@r on dr)g$ need to be halted but after the public backlash, she corrected herself claiming she never said those words in the first place. She said tweak not change.

Ramos asserted that his suspicion is correct in light of Leni Robredo’s two new policy pronouncements as co-chair of Inter Agency Committee on anti-Illegal Dr&g$.

First, and foremost, Leni wants “n0 k!illings in the government’s w@r on dr^g$.” If this was true, the police have been effectively defanged.

Second, Leni wants her own team. Ramos compared this is a body with two heads making things very complicated. Ramos fears the ninja cops will surely fall in line with the team that aligns with their interest.

Ramos ended the FB post by leaving a word of warning to PRRD – better wise up and do it with alacrity before the fox that he has allowed to enter the chicken coop – eat up all the chickens.

Please read the full FB post below.


Mga friends! Another excellent article mga friends! Please share so people would know. Gil Ramos wrote this. I simply put the title above and highlighted paragraphs for easy reading.

Malevolent and malicious intent

I think ‘sincerely’ is not an apt description in Leni’s acceptance of this drug czar position. It is more like she accepted the job with malevolent and malicious intent. It is a conflicted acceptance with underhanded intentions. it looks like the chair leader of trying to stop the drug war was given the job of enforcing the war herself and her early actions are directed towards stopping the drug war on its tracks.

Reuters – From stopping to tweaking

She first talked about stopping the drug war in the interview with Reuters. When she sailed into adverse reactions – she changed her mantra into just ‘tweaking’ the drug war – but Reuters did not give her wiggle room and maintained that they stand by their story that she indeed called for the stopping of the drug war.

First-order, Zero Killings

Now comes here first-order ‘zero killings’ – she didn’t say zero EJK just zero killings and that effectively defanged the enforcers of the war on the ground and gave the drug operatives virtual bulletproof vests. Former Mayor Mabilog the relative of Senator Drilon can come home now. Espinido has just been ordered by the new drug czarina ‘not to kill’ him anymore.

Second-order, she has to have her own team

The second order is for her to have her own team. And that complicates matters as explained earlier. The whole Drug War implementation structure will be split down the middle. Two heads with one body — hello? is anybody up there? And with the pervasive infiltration of the PNP by the drug lords – your guess can be as good as mine as mine on bets as to which team the ‘alleged’ ninja cops will line up with.

A warning to Digong

And if her game is to avoid getting her INCOMPETENCE exposed by these measures intent on sabotaging the drug war so as to force Digong to fire her then Digong better wise up and do it with alacrity before the fox that he has allowed to enter the chicken coop – eat up all the chickens.

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