Did Liza Soberano find it ridiculous Robin Padilla getting more votes than Leni in the just concluded election?

On Twitter, Kapamilya actress Liza Soberano allegedly retweeted the tweet of a certain @unvrslcnsprcy who urged Pinoys to let that sink in Robin Padilla garnered more votes than Leni Robredo in the 2022 polls and the OP called this phenomenon a f*cking joke.

In that regard, the Luminous can’t help but react to Liza Soberano’s retweet.

Basically, Atty. Trixie’s response to Liza Soberano’s retweet revolves around enlightening the Filipina-American actress how Philippine election works and even in many parts of the globe. For example, the candidate who garners the most number of votes wins.

And to get the votes, each candidate is given the chance to convince as many voters as he/she can in the campaign period. Otherwise, the most number of voters will go to the other candidate.

After the ballots are counted, the winners are declared. And the loser, ideally concedes, accepts the winner, no matter how funny or ridiculous that sounds to her.

And finally, Atty. Trixie pointed out to Liza Soberano that having condescending attitude based on the choice of candidate doesn’t make her the darling to the majority who did not vote for her choice. That kind of attitude did not make her convincing as an endorser.

You may now read Atty. Trixie’s original FB post below.

But that is how elections work, Ms. Soberano. The one with the most number of votes wins.

The campaign period is when you try to convince the voters to go for your candidate. And if you failed to convince them, then the most number of votes DON’T go to your candidate.

After that you accept the winner, no matter how funny or ridiculous that sounds to you.

And by the way, looking down on our choice of candidate doesn’t exactly endear you to the majority who voted against your choice. Kaya hindi kayo convincing eh.

The caveat is, we don’t know if indeed this is Liza Soberano’s legit Twitter account if the actress even own one in the absence of the blue check beside the Twitter profile name, signifying its legitimacy. Or perhaps, she was just too busy to even bother to do the steps to receive the blue check.


Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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