Did Mariel de Leon calls Sara Duterte “insecure and unhappy” on Twitter in response to “schadenfreude moment” comment of Sara?

On Twitter, Mariel de Leon called critics “insecure and unhappy” who gloated in social media when the news of her early exit at the Miss International beauty tilt in Japan broke out.

“If another person’s “misfortune” pleases you, it just shows how insecure and unhappy you are with your life. It’s okay, maybe one day you’ll be truly happy? I’m sending you good vibes and prayers!” 🙏🏻

Previously, one of her foremost critics is none other than presidential daughter Sara Duterte who admitted on Facebook that she had a “schadenfreude moment” when she heard the news that Mariel exited out early in the 2017 Miss International competition in Japan.

Sara Duterte writes:

Meron ako personal experience sa kanya, but I’m too tired to make kwento. I believe pageant judges see through the physical beauty and examine the heart. Para bang Ms. Venezuela sa Ms. Universe 2016. Parang ganyan. This is a schadenfreude moment for me. Sa binisaya pa, ang gabà di gyud magsabà.

It can be recalled that Mariel earned notoriety among Duterte supporters after she tweeted controversial statements criticizing President Duterte on Twitter after she won the right to represent the country in the Miss International competition.

Twitter netizen using the handle ‘vanity’ replies to Mariel de Leon she reaps what she sow.

“well you have no right to criticize other people, ok? practice humility. actually no one would be bashing you if you did not START criticizing people coz of their flaws you thought. You do not even know them that well. But you, you showed your true color to us by mocking at them.”

As of this writing, Sara Duterte has not issued any comment with regards to Mariel de Leon’s tweet.

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