Did Mocha Uson compare Isko Moreno to young PRRD hence she is supporting Yorme’s presidential bid? DDS reacts!

On Facebook, Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Chu announced the news that Mocha Uson just switched to Isko.

Chu’s announcement has been met with laughter from netizens, including her FB followers.

Out of the 4,700 reactions the post generated, 4,200 netizens hit the laugh emoji, proof that Mocha’s endorsement of Isko does not affect the BBM-Sara supporters who also follow Chu on her page.

If you are wondering why Chu’s FB post about Mocha shifting support to Isko has been met with laughter, I clicked the link from Balita, turned out Mocha’s reason for supporting Isko was the culprit.

Why? Mocha said she saw Isko as the younger version of PRRD.

Netizen #1 laughed so hard at Mocha’s comparison of Isko to PRRD.

Lol. Younger version of PRRD?  Kaloka. PRRD oozes sincerity and genuine love for the nation. E yung isa. Balimbing na nga boastful pa.

Netizen #2 could only wish Mocha well after what he called a big blunder to endorse Isko because after this, he thinks Mocha may never feel warmth and support of the majority of the public.

Mocha was able to redeem herself when she supported then candidate Tatay Digs and won. All her “unpleasant” past was forgotten by the public and saw her as a respected individual with real passion for public service. This was a big blunder. They might call this loyalty to her friend banat by but it is a misplaced one. Loyalty to country is paramount and foremost. I wish her well as she may never feel the warmth of the majority of the public again. Thanks for your efforts for PRRD before Ms. Mocha Uson.

Netizen #3 commented that this move by Mocha only shows she does not know PRRD very well.

This only shows that Mocha doesn’t purely know who really is Duterte. If she does she won’t dare to compare the president with Isko. 

Netizen #4 isn’t surprised with Mocha’s switch to Isko from BBM-Sara.

Not surprising. Mocha represents Cayetano. 

Netizen #5 respects Mocha’s decision but disagreed with the young PRRD comparison.

Mocha has the right to choose her own presidentiable, but I beg to disagree that Isko is the young PRRD.


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