Did Ms. Agot Isidro calls Red Cross, DSWD and government untrustworthy hence she will focus her efforts on Angat Buhay NGO of Leni Robredo?

Radio host and staunch Duterte supporter Mark Lopez lashed out at veteran actress Ms. Agot Isidro because of her tweet a few days ago, saying that she will be focusing her time and efforts in Angat Buhay NGO of the defeated presidential candidate Leni Robredo.

Ms. Agot Isidro said sorry to Red Cross, DSWD and government initiatives because she does not find these agencies trustworthy.

On Facebook, Lopez retaliated by calling Ms. Isidro one of the compelling personalities responsible for Leni Robredo’s crushing defeat in the 2022 presidential polls because Filipinos hated the Kakampinks cause.

Lopez said that Agot Isidro is one of the major reasons why the Kakampinks will remain losers, unwanted and distrusted by the Filipino people.

In one word, Lopez called Agot Isidro “pathetic“.

Netizens jumped in the comment section to express their sentiment regarding Ms. Agot Isidro’s pathetic tweet.

One netizen commented that Ms. Agot acted like they are a big loss to the government if they don’t offer help. The netizen remarked that even if they don’t lend a hand to the government, the election proved how irrelevant they are.

A second netizen thanked Ms. Agot for being bitchy and said the BBM supporters highly appreciated her contributions for making his candidate win.

A third netizen simply told Ms. Agot that she does not care where she will spend her time and energy.

Go! By all means! Feeling so entitled, kala mo naman talaga sa bulsa mangagaling ang lahat ng itutulong. Kaya kayo natalo e dahil sa mga kagagawan nyo.

Thank you for being bitchy ay este my mistake, for being witchy I mean! We highly appreciate your contributions in the winning of our candidate. Please don’t change😁

Para namang ang laking kawalan sila sa gobyerno. Kahit huwag ka nang tumulong Agot, the elections proved how irrelevant your ilks are. Che. Chura.

You may now read Mark Lopez’s original FB post below.

Agot Isidro is another compelling personality who heavily contributed to the downfall of Madumb, and antipathy and hatred of our people towards the Kakampink cause.

She is one major reason why they will remain losers, unwanted, and distrusted by our countrymen.



Source: Mark Lopez

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