Did OtsoDiretso senate bet Samira Gutoc asks fellow muslim Robin Padilla’s endorsement? Check out the actor’s reply here!

Robin Padilla may have lost some of his shine as an actor but his endorsement come election time is still one of the most sought after by politicians seeking national position.

In case you don’t know, Robin Padilla is an Islam convert and when a fellow muslim run for the senate, it is not far-fetched that the actor will volunteer his services because after all, a muslim senator does not happen everyday.

In the case of Samira Gutoc, Robin Padilla went out of his way to make a categorical stand on questions, perhaps from the Muslim community, if the actor will endorse Gutoc or not.

She is a Maranao muslim running for senator under the banner of the Liberal Party.

You may start reading Padilla’s FB post now.

In the name of God the most gracious the most merciful. I am making this private message public so it may define my final stand on the candidacy of sister sameera. Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.

Dearest sister in Faith i read your narrative and i am truly impressed with your passion for Peace and Unity but unfortunately i really do believe in the drug war of President Duterte…

sameera im an ex convict and i had my time in the National Bilibid Prisons. My narrative is different from yours.

I saw and felt the decrease of power and connections of the underworld on my presidents watch. To tell you frankly my sister napakabait pa ng ating Pangulo sa totoo lang. He is not the kind of leader who will hit and miss He values life more than anybody. We just need men like him who are willing to do the ultimate for the glory of God.

We are coming from two different point of views. My PoV is my maranao president gave you your BOL it was already an act of Peace. The only president who fulfilled his promise to the Bangsamoro.

I really would love to explore every detail for you but it will not change anything we are both generals of the opposing side the only difference is you are a politician and im revolutionary. We both want change and i really dont believe it will come from the old faces of national politics.

I really wish you well my sister and definitely you will have my vote because you are my sister in islam but i cannot campaign for you because you are attacking my supreme Leader and to the one i owe my present voting and civil rights……..

Check out some of the comments from fellow muslims below.

Prince Mama-o Diampuan I’m from Marawi City and I will not vote Gutoc for senator. #NoToLPAnymore #NoToBOBO

Faisal Minalang I agree with you idol…ako napapaisip din Kasi isa akong Muslim, Pero bakit ba ina atake Ni samera gutoc ang ating mahal na presidente e samantalang ginagawa lng nmn Ni DU30 kung Ano ang Tama..Alamo bang si duterte lng taos pusong sumulong ng kapayapaan sa atin sa mindanao binigay nya BOL stin tpos kung Maka atake Ka Akala mo kung Ano nagawa mo…pasensyahan nlang Pero no vote ako sayo gutoc.

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