Did Rep. Edcel Lagman says “Rome Statute overrules PHL law”? Furious netizens rain insults at Lagman for his hubris

As a lawyer and a legislator, Edcel Lagman swore under oath that you will obey, defend, and uphold the CONSTITUTION of the Philippines.

However, because of political color, he opposes and criticizes every decision that Duterte makes.

When Duterte orders the Philippine government to withdraw from the ICC (International Criminal Court), Lagman says that “Rome Statute overrules PHL law”.

He called Duterte’s declaration the Rome Statute of ICC was not effective because it was not published in the Official gazette “grossly incorrect”.


When netizen Maricor MC reads the Inquirer article dated March 20, 2018 with the headline, “Lagman: Rome Statute overrules PHL law”, she got furious, knowing Lagman was way out of line.

On Facebook, Maricor MC writes:

“Cong. Edcel Lagman, Sir, with all due respect, you are way out of line.

How can an international treaty overrule the Philippine laws?

How can the Rome Statute take precedence over the Constitution?

Let me refresh your retrograde memory.

As a lawyer and a duly-elected Legislator, you swore under oath that you will obey, defend, and uphold the CONSTITUTION of the Philippines. That ALL laws which shall be made in pursuance thereof, and all treaties made, or which shall me made under the authority of the Republic, shall be the SUPREME law of the land.

ALL laws passed will have to articulate and comply with the requirements and principles set out in the Constitution.

Your hubris and hatred reveal your total lack of reason.”

Ram Villanueva and many others echo Marco MC’s sentiment as shown in the comment’s section.

“How can foreign laws take precedence over local laws? That would violate the principle of sovereignity, which makes the Philippines an independent country. If we are to uphold foreign laws before our own. would mean that we have ceased to be a sovereign nation.”

Jimmy Perez: “This pretentious Cong Lagman is an all out idiot.

The Ph constitution is the primordial law of the country as an independent and sovereign country.

Thus, any treaty acceded to by the Ph and ratified by the Senate and published in the Official Gazette must be conforming with and be subservient to the Ph constitution.

That goes with the Ph as an independent and sovereign country.

In the idiotic logic of this pretentious Cong Lagman, the Philippines is NOT an independent and sovereign country; which is not the case.”

Raymond Palsario thinks Lagman is long overdue for retirement because he is showing signs of old age. “I think Mr. Lagman has reach the finishing line for retirement since he’s displaying a case of forgetfullness and a sign of old age. I think he should consider of restoring a self respect by retiring as early as right now. You be the judge.”

Daf San says Lagman needs to see a shrink. “lagman only shows that he needs psychiatric test as a lawmaker. .he should be totally mentally fit to his position.”

Michael Vincent Mallari says someone needs a course refresher. “Someone needs to go back to law school.”

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Source: Maricor MC

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