Did Sass Sasot just calls former Pnoy spokesman Lacierda “irreparably moronic” and “delusional” on Facebook? Well, she just did!

The feud between former Pnoy spox and a Duterte social media blogger has turned from bad to worse as the latter just called the former “irreparably moronic” in Facebook.

The latest round of social media war between the former Pnoy spokesman Edwin Lacierda and Sass Rogando Sasot, a popular pro-Duterte social media blogger started when the former shared VOVph post on Facebook doing a rebuttal on the former’s claim that Cocoy Dayao was never employed by the Pnoy admin.

Sasot captioned it: “Edwin, we have a problem.”

A visibly irked Edwin Lacierda took to Twitter once again taunting Sass, telling her to do extra research.

It read: “Sassot, If you did some basic research, you would not have been so stupid. I was not head of PCOO. Konting research besh. #FakeNews”

Getting unsolicited advice from Atenista Atty. Edwin Lacierda, the Netherlands-schooled international relations expert Sass Rogando Sasot came out spewing fire, literally speaking, on Facebook.

Dear Edwin Lacierda:

Actually, if you READ the ATTACHED post, you would have not been so irreparably moronic. Grabe ang reading comprehension mo manay Edwin. It’s seriously so low… Did I say that you were the HEAD of PCOO? You are reacting to an issue that I never raised. Defensive ka na becky Edwin na wala sa lugar. Delusional ka na manay Edwin. Nervous much? Nasisiraan ka na ng ulo? Wala na sa katinuan? Ateng, you are reading non-existent texts —- iba na yan.
The post of VovPh quoted you saying that “The Office of the President (during PNoy admin) never hired Cocoy Dayao.” Then to contradict your alleged statement, VovPh attached Dayao’s LinkedIn Profile indicating that he was Web Security Consultant of PCOO from 2012 to 2016, ergo contradicting your alleged claim. That’s the context of my repost. Grabe ha, simpleng contextual comprehension eh nawiwindang ka beckysaur?

So papaano naging FAKE NEWS iyan? Ikaw Manay Edwin, kung ano ano na lang pinaggagamitan mo ng FAKE NEWS. Lumalabas tuloy na hindi mo alam ang ibig sabihin ng FAKE NEWS. #EdwinDelusional

In the meantime, Lacierda has not posted any reaction to Sass Sasot’s latest tirade directed against him.

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