Did Senator Pia Cayetano disrespects Pacquiao for rescheduling debate of his proposed bill? Netizen speaks up!

Did you hear the news that Senator Manny Pacquiao feels disrespected by Senator Pia Cayetano after the debate for proposed a bill creating a boxing agency was rescheduled?

Thanks to the timely intervention of Senate Majority Leader Juan Miguel Zubiri and the heated exchange between the Senators Pacquiao and Cayetano was defused.

On that note, the FB page VOVph took to Facebook to inform its socmed followers what is going down between Pacquiao and his proposed boxing agency.

In the words of VOVph, Pacquiao’s boxing agency is a waste of time and people’s money. VOVph can’t help but question the purpose of Pacquiao’s boxing agency in the presence of already existent GAB and PSC? At this point, VOVph remarked that if there is anyone disrespected here, it’s the thinking Filipinos who have the right to complain about it especially when a public officially has absenteeism issue like the boxing legend turned politician.

“Waste of time and peoples money.. Manny.. Anong purpose ng Games and Amusements Board at Philippine Sports Commission bat gagawa ka pa separate agency? Speaking of “Disrespected” Thinking pinoys feel disrespected when a public official has absenteeism issues… Top absentee Congress and Senate.. Congrats.”

Let us read the comments of selected netizens who are not supportive of Senator Pacquiao’s presidential aspiration.

“Sad to say that MP is doing something for his own interest and ambitious desire. For some people,MP no matter what you do, you wont get any political support. You lack criteria to become a president. Excessive ambition can lead to self destruction. Make no mistake😠😠 one netizen wrote.

Meanwhile, netizens chides Pacquiao for complaining about getting ‘disrespected’ when previously, he also disrespected PRRD for his remarks on the WPS and vaccine issues.

“Manny you disrespected tatay Digong , he did not feel disrespected . Because PRRD believe that everyone has right to his own opinion . So like wise with Pia , because you are going to use the Pilipinos money.”

Another netizen disagreed with Pacquiao complaining about feeling disrespected because as far as the netizen is concerned, Senator Cayetano did not disrespect Pacquiao. Pacquiao was routed by Cayetano in the said debate.

“Anong disrespected? Napakinggan ko yung exchange ng tanong at sagot between you Manny and Sen. Pia… Diyos ko, talagang walang kang binatbat. Reality hurts. Paulit-ulit ang sagot mong di tugma sa tanong…”



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