Did Teddy Casino praise the NPAs for confessing to the killing of Kieth Absalon in a tweet? AFP Colonel thinks so!


As the title says, Col. Harold Cabunoc of the Philippine Army believed Teddy Casino praised the NPA rather than condemned them for the killing of FEU booter Kieth Absalon.

“Sabi nya, dahil inako ang sariling krimen, mas okay pa ang teroristang NPA kaysa AFP at PNP,” Col. Cabunoc decried.

The good Colonel slammed Casino for his stupid line of thinking as long as he can comply his task of covering up and to soften the blow of the murderous killing spree of their NPA units.

“Istupido ring mag-isip ito basta maka-comply lang sa tasking nya na pagtakpan at i-soften ang impact ng murderous killing spree ng mga hukbo nila sa NPA!”

Col. Cabunoc explained why is livid at Casino’s tweet praising the NPA for admission their wrongdoing while criticizing the PNP and AFP for continuously denying responsibility for alleged EJKs.

“Ang ibig nya sabihin, eh ipagpatuloy lang ng teroristang NPA ang pambobomba at pamamaslang ng sibilyan basta akuin lang! Sanamagan!”

“Marami kaming kontra sa isinusulong nyong sabwatan sa karahasan ng grupo nyong CPP-NPA-NDF, Mr. Casiño!” Col. Cabunoc remarked.

Note: I deliberately exclude Col. Cabunoc’s last line because it is word of a certain Ka Eric vs Teddy Casino.

As of this writing, Col. Cabunoc’s FB post has generated 1,790 reactions, 444 comments and 415 shares and counting.

Commenting on the thread, this netizen agreed with Col. Cabunoc’s sentiment. “I agree with you Sir Harold, this man’s reasoning outrageously stupid! How can they say there was accountability when there wasn’t any of the culprit brought out to face the charges and penalties. It’s nothing but a shenanigan on their part to soften their gruesome cowardly acts to the people in which no one will ever believe. The CPP-NPAs have no cause, much more principles to wage war on anyone they’re but plain brigands and terrorist that needs to be wipeout by the military.”

“isang katunayan n c casiño ay isang tunay n mak-TERRORISTA, dapat po ay may batas n tau pwedeng arestuhin ang mga kagaya nila n walang ibang bukambibig kundi papurihan ang mga kalunoslunos n gawain ng NPA….” commented another netizen.

“Naykupo. Kng ganyan lahat mindset ng mga kriminal.. ok lng gumawang krimen basta akuin lng, at magtago at wag magpahuli?. baka nmn may balak p silang gawing batas ito..” an apparently disturbed netizen of Casino’s statement commented.



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